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In 2014, I started filming what I thought would be a short Youtube video. 6 years, 55 interviews, 145 hours, and 6.5TB (yes, Terabytes) of footage later, the Debugging Diversity project has become so much more than I ever could have imagined.

The reasons this project has taken (and continues to take) so much time are 2-fold. Firstly, me. I have a fulltime job and this is really a labour of love that I aim to work on every day but of course there are only so many hours I have spare. And more importantly because the film’s evolution has mirrored my own learning journey. …

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Since working on Debugging Diversity I’ve often been asked why I decided to embark on the project. While most are supportive, many women have told me that their first response to Debugging Diversity is confusion; others frustration or even anger.

These reactions are completely understandable and in this post, I want to share my motivations for creating the film. Not necessarily in an attempt to change anyone’s viewpoint but simply to start a dialogue about why I believe a film like Debugging Diversity is important.

The journey started back in 2014 when I started a Youtube channel about coding and technology called CODR.TV. When brainstorming topics for the channel someone suggested I explore why tech is so male-dominated. Having been curious about this myself I embarked on creating a short video for the Youtube channel. …

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After over 4 years of research and filming, we are excited to launch our Indiegogo fundraising campaign today.

The campaign will run from June 17th through to August 3rd in which time we hope to raise $24,000 (AUD).

We are thrilled to be launching our campaign on Indiegogo. While we did explore other funding options such as a corporate investor or a commercial network, we settled on crowdfunding as we felt it gave a good balance of flexibility and creative control. We also wanted to make sure that we could maintain an unbiased narrative throughout the film.

Funds raised from the campaign will be used for additional filming, equipment, location hire and post-production. …

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