Dicuss about Cybersecurity


A cyber-attack is any attack against a computer system, network, application, device, or data that is performed through the use of technologies, processes, or controls.This protects against unauthorized exploitation of systems, networks, and technologies and reduces the risk of cyberattacks.

Describe About Cybersecurity

Why is cyber security important?

1. The costs of cyber security breaches are rising

2. Cyber-attacks are increasingly sophisticated

3. Cyber security is a critical, board-level issue

4. Cybercrime is a big business

Who needs cyber security?

If you think you are not of interest to cyber attackers, that is a mistake. The reason is based on the fact that most cyber-attacks are automated and are aimed at common vulnerabilities rather than specific websites or businesses.

Types of cyber threats

· In addition to ransomware, botnet software, RATs (remote access Trojans), rootkits and bootkits, spyware, Trojans, viruses and worms are among the types of malware.

· Remote access via backdoors.

· Malicious code is inserted into online forms in formjacking

· Installing illicit software to mine cryptocurrency is known as cryptojacking.

· DDOS attacks knock down servers, systems, and networks by flooding them with traffic.

· The poisoning of the DNS (domain name system) redirects traffic to malicious sites when the DNS is compromised.

5 types of cyber security

1. Critical infrastructure cyber security

2. Network security

3. Cloud security

4. IoT (Internet of Things) security

5. Application security

The legal requirement for cyber security

Organizations must protect citizens’ personal data under GDPR and DPA 2018. Otherwise, substantial fines will be imposed. Cyber security is a critical business issue for all organizations.

Managing cyber security

A top-down approach to cyber security management is essential.

If company cultures are strong on cyber security and are backed up by regular training, each employee will understand their responsibility to protect cyberspace and will default to security instinctively.

An effective working environment must be complemented by good security measures.

Cyber security checklist:-

1. Staff awareness training

2. Application security

3. Network security

4. Leadership commitment

5. Password management

Cyber Safety tips

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Awaerness About CyberSecurity


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coder journeys

All about coder & programmer Staff IG:-coderjourneys

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