Life tips

Inspiration is all we need, the inspiration that is already there, is never enough, we need it in different forms, at different times in a different way, some times when you scroll through your Facebook feed you find some inspiring video or some inspiring quotation, we just feel that random post is just for us, which is kind of what we need at that moment. We all know life is never easy, which sometimes hit us with hard brick, sometimes we feel like we are placed in dark forest without a torch light, sometimes we feel like what the f**k is happening with our lives, sometimes we feel like we are not doing anything even though we got great talents, sometimes we feel depressed because of awful people around us.

All I wanted to say is you are awesome, we are awesome, all we need is little torch in dark forest, all the great people of the world also went through lot of struggles, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Sylvester Stallone, J. K. Rowling, you and me, everyone went through more than some rough struggles in their lives. It is not the difficulties that matter, its the reaction to the difficulties that matters. The reaction that is caused by inspiration makes us to move forward, makes us to achieve our goals, makes us to love our life.

So that is main reason for introducing “Life Tips” segment in my youtube channel Coder Juliet.

Coder Juliet- June Techie Bulletin with Life Tips