Modern Day Snake Oil — Be Careful Who you Learn From

Today’s topic may be one of the more controversial ones, simply because there is so much misinformation online. What i’m talking about is people selling you a dream from their Instagram or Facebook groups, you know the ones… “PM Me for Details”, “Link in bio for 5k/mo”. I look at these as the modern day snake oil, the one-shot, get rich quick, all-in-one solutions… that provide solutions for nothing!

You’ve seen the YouTube ads of “here in my garage” or “here on my awesome boat with my 5 girlfriends”. They work to sell you a dream and many people believe them simply because of the flashy colors and lifestyle that so many people want to live.

Most recently, i’m seeing it on Instagram when a “guru” sells you a course on how to make 6 Figures on Instagram in your pajamas. Yet they only have 15K followers and have a stack of excuses and reasons why they’re helping you. Problem is they are priming you to help themselves to your money. Yes, some of the information is valuable and can help you grow, but if you think there is a magic bullet or cure-all, you’ll be sad every time.

My main issue with this (outside of screwing people out of money) is it gives legitimate teachers and trainers a bad name. Much like the shady IM slime gives the true creators a bad name and makes buyers naturally untrustworthy.

Watch the video below for an in-depth view of this shady practice.

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