Here’s what happened when my Startup got on the Front Page of Hacker News and Product Hunt
Abraham O

Sounds like a great use of Amazon Turk. Ask people tiny questions as they proceed through the workflow before purchase, without requiring purchase. Conclude with, “if you did have a spare $x.xx in your bank account, why would you NOT be inclined to spend it here? Say ‘I would’ if you would, instead.”

I would balance Amazon Turk with some people on Fiverr who would be willing to judge the site workflow and give you their opinion.

As for tracking, you could use the action tracking in the free version of Piwik pixel tracker to track events in real time. Combine it with the traffic IDs passed in via Google AdWords or Facebook, and you then get some great data to see where people drop off.

You could also add JavaScript or jQuery to detect people bailing on your workflow and ask them if they could explain why they are leaving, optionally. This is only temporary. Some will say Grrr, annoyed that you blocked them temporarily from closing the tab, while others will respond. So, be courteous here. Then, read these freeform responses carefully.

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