What’s Happening with Me
Biz Stone

Thank goodness! I was getting worried about Twitter, a valuable resource for me and many. Glad to see it return to its roots, but even better now that the founders have experienced other parts of the world.

One suggestion that I have is that they figure out how to get people to using it again to respond to each other. That’s how people liked it before. However, as of late it has become a place where people ask a question and don’t get a response -- it’s been like a marketing megaphone rather than a place with people who read questions and suggest things.

Another suggestion I have is to let people type twice as long on their tweet but only with the warning that, if they choose to do so, it won’t be delivered to devices that can’t handle that. For many of us, we receive our alerts through the app as an app or web page we visit, rather than via SMS or MMS text.

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