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$500 isn’t a huge amount of money. What if I told you I spent less than 30 minutes to make it?

I’m not writing this article to boast. Other writers’ tips and stories inspired me when I started out on Medium. So, here’s my story about what I’ve achieved in three months on Medium.

A Little Background

I’m a programmer and a non-native English speaker. I’ve been working as a software engineer for almost ten years. Recently, I’ve been pursuing an interest in writing — I’ve always enjoyed reading, but haven’t written too much.

I’m still a new player on Medium who started…

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Pinduoduo is a new prominent social e-commerce company in China.

On July 26, 2018, this three-year-old company listed on NASDAQ. Pinduoduo has achieved tremendous success in business over the past few years and is currently worth $197B. It earns a lot of money.

At the same time, it is the most evil IT company in China. The working environment of Pinduoduo seems like a sweatshop. They give extra money to buy employees’ dignity and life, and they don’t hesitate to damage others for their own interest.

Two young life died in two weeks

On December 29, 2020, at 1 a.m., a 23-year-old female employee of Pinduoduo finally…

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Python is a language I like very much, and it is also hot right now. In this post, I will list some Python books for beginners and experienced programmers who are interested in Python.

Let’s start from beginner to expert levels.

Python Crash Course

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With Python and Java being so hot in the IT industry these days, if you’re still in school or you have ambitions for programming, I’d recommend settling down to learn C.

If you haven’t know anything about C, learning some of the basics will suffice. Try to figure out what people complain about it and the simplicity of the design and abstraction.

You’ll benefit from it for the rest of your computing life, and the knowledge will help you much in your programming career!

The Reasons to learn C

C language is one of the oldest programming languages and it has gone through almost half…

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Debugging is a fundamental skill for programmers, it’s a craft and we need to practice to be better at it. Here, I summarized the useful tricks and tools for debugging your Python code.

#1 View the source code of a function or object

Know the details of implementation is critical in debugging. When you are debugging a Python code, you may want to know the source code of a module, class, method, function, traceback, frame, or code object. The inspect module will help you:

import inspect
def add(x, y):
return x + y
class Dog:
kind = 'dog' # class variable shared by all instances
def __init__(self, name):
self.name …

Microsoft has done a great job of improving the user experience and building an active ecosystem for developers

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Microsoft has made great efforts to improve the user experience and build an active ecosystem for developers. Moreover, Microsoft has completely embraced open source in recent years. There are so many awesome open source projects developed by Microsoft.

After eight years of daily work on a Mac, I recently switched to Windows 10. My previous impression was that Windows was not developer-friendly and efficient compared to Mac.

But I don’t miss my Mac and may get some shiny development experience on Windows 10. Within two weeks of exploration, I found the following five tools that can greatly improve my productivity.

1. PowerToy

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Figure 1: source https://unsplash.com/@reskp

After nearly 10 years of programming, I found some interesting and common lies told by developers. We unconsciously tell these lies to others or even to ourselves.

If you are a manager, product owner, girlfriend, or any other role who will cooperate with a developer, keep an eye!


TODO seems vital for some development processes.

Simply, TODO means something important but not urgent will be completed some days later, such as adding comments for code, handling exceptions, refactoring, etc.

Sadly, in most cases, TODO means we won’t do it forever.

The Linux codebase currently has over 4k TODO comments, many…

Learn all about this programming model and framework

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Photo by Andrew Schultz on Unsplash.

MapReduce is a computing model for processing big data with a parallel, distributed algorithm on a cluster.

It was invented by Google and has been largely used in the industry since 2004. Many applications are based on MapReduce, such as distributed pattern-based searching, distributed sorting, web index system, etc.

MapReduce is inspired by the map and reduce functions, which are commonly used in functional programming. Map and Reduce are not new programming terms. They are operators that come from Lisp, which was invented in 1956.

Let’s begin with these operators in a programming language and then move on to MapReduce

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Steve Jobs left the world for almost ten years. Recently, I watched a short Youtube video which reminded me of the wisdom assets from Steve.

If you haven’t watched it, here it is.

At the 1997 WWDC Apple Developer Conference, a programmer publicly humiliated Steve Jobs for not knowing some fancy technologies.

The question from this developer is:

I would like, for example for you to express in clear terms, how Java in any of its incarnations addresses the ideas embodied in OpenDoc. …

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By author with icons8.com

In my career as a software engineer, I met some great programmers and learned lots from them.

This post will give beginners some tips for the journey of being a great programmer, especially from the sides of mindset and learning strategy.

Mastering programming costs much of time. Peter Norvig said ten years might be enough, so please keep patience and let’s get started.

The mental model

Coder’s Cat

http://coderscat.com Write stuff about programming languages, algorithms, and architecture.

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