Functional Programming Workshop in Ruby by Adam Lancaster at the London Ruby Unconference!

Let The Cats Out of The Bag

Continuing our series for the London Ruby Unconference 2017, in this post Adam Lancaster (Twitter LinkedIn) talks a little bit about his workshop for the event!

For the workshops, people should bring their laptops with a Ruby development environment ready for work!

Jairo: Hi Adam, tells us a bit about yourself!

I contribute building The Internet (making Web applications) at I’m interested with the rise of functional programming and it has never been more relevant to dive into the basics that underpin lots of the fundamental concepts. I want to show that scary words like ‘monad’ are really sensible ideas that are easy to grok and implement, even if you aren’t using Haskell!

Jairo: What can someone attending your workshop learn?

Roll up, roll up!

We will explore what a few basic concepts from category theory including functors, applicative functors and the oft dreaded Monad. We will see how they are really simple ideas with big implications. We’ll implement our own examples in Ruby (you’ll be surprised how easy this is!), and we can discuss the kinds of implications this way of thinking might have on our programs.

Jairo: Do people attending your session need any specific requirements or prepare something prior to attending the session?

This session will be suitable for all, from complete beginners to anyone who has started to look at monads before but got lost. Only requirements are a laptop and a willingness to pair!

Jairo: Awesome! Thanks Adam!

We have other people offering to run workshops and topics and there’s still plenty of room if you wish to contribute to the Unconference. Get your ticket and optionally let us know if you would be interested in being one of the session leaders at the event.

We hope to see you there!

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