Making minds changed my mind

Post from November 5th, 2015

Not so long ago, I used to be very skeptic about AI. I didn’t like the fact that to make an algorithm think, you had to impose to it a set of rules.

For me, that wasn’t thinking, for me, that was something a bit better than a HashMap with the conditions and callbacks.

I didn’t like Artificial Intelligence. (Oh my gawd!)

I was really into Audio Synthesis/Processing, I’m a musician, and working with code that makes the things that I like was a really appealing idea to me.

But one day, everything changed

I met Cayetano Guerra, my AI teacher at ULPGC, and he made me have an epiphany.

Suddenly, every bad thought that I had about AI has disappeared, and made me love AI the most, to the point that I droppedthe thought about working with Audio and made me want to dedicate myself full time to AI.

He introduced me to Deep Learning, and Machine Learning in general.

My idea of making an heuristic for an AI just poofed. I wanted to know and work more with these awesome technologies.Even better, while most of my classroom was doing heuristics for a Chain-Four game, I started to tinker with my first neural network for generating a text. I felt the same emotions as when I was 12 and discovered programming.

Machine Learning is one of the most amazing fields in CS.

Now I’m expanding my “toolbox”. I’m learning more techniques like Genetic Algorithms. And I’m really looking forward to do something with reinforced learning like Q-Learning.

If someday you feel like you are (insert bad qualificator here) because you don’t like anything and you are just looking how your life goes by, maybe it’s just a matter of meeting new people. :)

And you, have you made a new mind today?