The Sad Witless War on Ideas

Today I came across another tract in the war on ideas here. The Lean popularizers run around spouting ‘ideas are a dime a dozen, execution is golden.’ Now apparently the VP of Design at Facebook also believes it’s high time we stop thinking ideas are a great thing. She informs us that the important part is the follow through, getting shit done.

Any construction of the form ‘the important part is the _____’ is inane. Sales people say ‘wouldn’t matter how good your product was if no one found someone to buy it.’ The marketing person intones ‘you can’t have an idea, you don’t even know who your Customer is!’ Of course, it’s no surprise from someone who works at a company that took someone else’s idea and just did a less garish version of it. But I’m sure that Facebook for Work (Slack) will be amazing!! (not), I mean on the follow through, since again, it’s someone else’s idea.

Let’s celebrate follow through. We certainly talk about it in software. In good groups, the Closers are the ones who bubble up to the top, and if they aren’t appreciated, leave and go elsewhere. This idea that we have had witless, no follow through people dominating our mindset is silly.

It’s also funny this comes just a few days after the latest Google event, which the Verge summed up as ‘Google announced an iPhone, a Gear VR, an Echo and an Eero.’ In other words, their versions of 4 other company’s products.

Never occurs to anyone anymore that there isn’t a black or white answer to hard questions.

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