Codesmith’s Friendly Fellows: Jerry Mao

The Codesmith fellow program is where students soon to graduate from the 12 week program apply to assist the next generation of students in their coming software engineering education.

Jerry Moa found his way to Codesmith after fleeing from an unfulfilling job where he didn’t find any greater meaning. He had been building computer since he was in high school and felt that working in tech could be a great fit for him. Once here, Jerry flourished as a talented software engineer.

“What really made me fall in love was how you use both logic and creativity to solve problems”

Jerry wanted to be able to give back to incoming students the same way his fellows were able to give to him. He tells us that their ability to explain such complex concepts to him in a way that made sense has left a lasting impact on his life and career, and to be able to be that for others was a dream.

“My fellows’ contributions to my experience here at Codesmith also came from the culture that they brought, and it motivated me to try to have a chance to have the same impact for the next cohort”

Jerry hopes to leave a similar lasting impression on the students that are currently attending the Codesmith program. He wants to be able to be their for their failures and successes, and hopes that he can play a pivotal role the hurdles the students overcome.

“Hopefully when the students here at Codesmith look back at their time here, they’re able to remember a time where I was involved in one of their many lightbulb moments”
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