11 Mantras To Become A Better Programmer

Learn how to become a better programmer in your daily life. Do you want to make yourself a better programmer? Here are some tips which can guide you on the way.

1. Never Fear From New Things

On the other hand, if you are open to new things you will find your knowledge increasing, confidence rising, and appreciation coming on the way.

Nobody, nobody knows everything, at some point people have to start something from scratch.

2. Learn Different Programming Language

You must know the basics of at least three programming languages in which you should be master of one. Like you know Java, JS, and Python but you are a master in java.

3. Clear Your Basics

Not even framework, even if you are working on some projects which have some hi-fi code of JavaScript you must first clear your basics of JavaScript then proceed with it. Because when things get complex believe me these basics will come in handy.

It’s very good to know jQuery, but if you don’t know the basics of JavaScript on which it is built it may become difficult to handle if things get complexed in the jQuery framework.

4. Data Structures

Some may say what’s the use of it, I am not going to use it in my coding. DS is not like any programming language, knowing DS & Algos helps you to think better structure, solution, the efficiency of the code.

Knowing DS will help in your daily basis work, we can give a more efficient solution instead of just giving the solution.

5. System Design & System Architecture

Here are some of them Zomato, Swiggy, Instagram, Facebook.

You will understand complex architecture, how to scale a system, solution specific to scenarious.

6. Read Code From Github & Try to Understand

Plus you can also contribute to these open source project, there is no better way to learn than contributing to open source projects. Your code may not get accepted in the first term (if they have high standard) but it's fine that’s how you learn isn't.

These open-source projects have a lot of beautiful code, you will learn a lot of new ways to solve things.

7. Always in Learning Mode

Industry always demands you to be updated with the latest at least in the technology you worked on.

Keep reading blogs, keep yourself updated with any new feature or version of your favorite programming language.

8. Build POCs

9. Practice Makes You Perfect

Keep practicing it will make you efficient, increase your productivity, and you will have fewer errors.

10. Look For A Mentor

Never feel ashamed of learning from someone who is of lesser experience then you, learning is never about age, it’s about sharing experience. If you are getting something new go for it.

11. Help Others & Let Them Help You

Answers questions on tech social platforms that you know about, write blogs that can help others. Share knowledge it will grow :).

Reached till here, give me follow up to get the latest stories.

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