CodeTract Token Launch — Building on Ethereum for Mainstream Transaction of Value

CodeTract aims to bring users the ease of on-boarding to the Ethereum network, with the goal of mainstream adoption. We streamline the user experience of transacting and trading on the Ethereum network by doing away with the hassle of on/off-boarding through many centralised exchanges and dealing with unfamiliar currencies units.

Current on/off-boarding process

We believe the fundamental step to promote transactions through Ethereum is for individuals to receive their salaries through an Ethereum transaction and in the same way, expense to organizations through Ethereum transactions.

Ideal on/off-boarding process

As a start, we have created 2 standard Ethereum tokens fully backed by the currencies of US dollars and gold, which users are familiar with. These tokens can be exchanged through our easy-to-use on-chain Token Auction. The recurring demand for these services will be created through our upcoming work on allowing individuals to receive their salary in Ethereum tokens.

With that goal, our team have been working on the following list of projects:
1. US dollar backed token (Beta to be on main net in March 2017)
2. Physical Gold backed token (Beta to be on main net in February 2017)
3. Token Auction (Beta to be on main net in February/March 2017)
4. Receive salary in fiat backed token (Beta at end of 2017)
5. CodeTract Token (Token launch in March 2017)

For more information on our projects including their specifications, read our whitepaper.

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