After the successful launch of Vapor Red 1.0 last month, we are excited to release 1.1 today! This latest release includes Linode support, a new dark mode, and more.

We have also released a new landing page for Vapor Red that you can visit at

New landing page for

Linode Support

When creating new servers, you will now have the option to use Linode as your cloud provider.

We are pleased to announce the release of Vapor Red 1.0! This marks the first public stable release of Vapor Red. Since the first beta release, we have added new features, fixed lots of bugs, and increased overall stability. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting new features:

Native Docker Support

The first releases had mostly focused on using Supervisor to run Vapor apps. However, we always wanted to add Docker as a first-class citizen. Based on the feedback we received, we have now pushed the timeline, and added advanced Docker integration. …

Hello, Droplets! We’re excited to announce the next milestone for Vapor 4’s release begins today: Alpha 1. These releases will begin rolling out today and will continue over the next few days / weeks.

We have been working incredibly hard on Vapor 4 for a while now. Tons of great feedback and contributions from the community have been put into this release and we think it’s going to be amazing.

Release Process

Each Vapor 4 package will receive a tag suffixed with -alpha.1. We will start with core packages, such as NIOKit and CryptoKit, then slowly work our way up the dependency…

We are excited to announce beta availability of Vapor Red. This marks a huge milestone for Vapor Red, the newest product in the Vapor family.

What is Vapor Red?

If you haven’t tried Vapor Red yet, it’s a new product that allows you to easily provision servers, deploy web apps, and more, all on your own cloud account. You can spin up AWS and Digital Ocean instances, and deploy your app in just one click. You get all the benefits of being in control of the server, and we make sure your app is properly deployed, quickly and safely.

With, there’s no more…

Vapor 3 is officially here! We have been working hard on this release for more than six months now and we are incredibly excited to release it into the world.

See the GitHub release here:

As you probably know by now, 3.0 is a complete rewrite of Vapor and all of its related packages. It’s a big change. The growth of Vapor and server-side Swift over these past two years has been astonishing and we want to make sure we have a rock-solid foundation to build on for years to come. …

The latest iteration of Vapor, a server-side Swift framework, is nearing completion! In taking a look at Swift 4.1, and the effects it will have on Vapor, we have decided to release 3.0 alongside Swift 4.1. This means we cannot give a concrete release date (unless Apple releases one). However, we have decided on a concrete release date for a GM (release candidate) version that should be suitable for early-adopters.

Swift 4.1

Swift 4.1 marks one of Swift’s biggest and best “.1” releases. The headlining feature is, of course, Conditional Conformance. This is something the Vapor team has been anxiously awaiting for…

We are excited to announce the production-ready release of Vapor Cloud, a complete cloud solution created specifically for the Vapor web framework.

Experience unparalled performance, efficiency, and availability with the world’s first Cloud platform built from the ground up for server-side Swift.

Sign up now

Vapor Cloud account creation is now open to the public. Sign up at

If you already have a colleague using Vapor Cloud, they can also invite you to join their existing organization.

Payments with Stripe

You can now purchase Vapor Cloud credits with a credit or debit card or bitcoin. These credits can be used to activate our paid services…

Since the launch of the Vapor framework, we have been eagerly following all the amazing apps built with Vapor, and all contributions from our community — and we love it!

Our goal with creating Vapor was to make web development faster, safer, and more importantly easier. Although we believe Vapor as a web framework achieves this goal, we often see that hosting can be a tricky part of building the next big thing. This is why, today, we are happy to announce a new companion to Vapor: Vapor Cloud.

Vapor Cloud is a fast, reliable, and feature rich cloud service…

Just eight months after the release of Vapor 1, a server-side Swift web framework, we’re excited to announce a greatly improved Vapor 2.

Get started with Vapor 2 at

Our small team has worked incredibly hard refactoring, optimizing, and improving every aspect of Vapor to make this a fantastic update. Let’s take a look at everything that’s changed.

Tons of New Features

Hundreds of GitHub issues solved and PRs merged, thousands of lines of code changed, and over 100 tagged alpha and beta releases. We’ve been working really hard to bring improvements to every corner of the framework.

We are looking for an extremely talented engineer to work full time on maintaining the Vapor web framework and its associated packages (Fluent, Engine, Leaf, etc.).

As the first engineer hired to the team, you will work alongside the creators of the framework to help shape the future of Vapor and server side Swift.

Important: The Vapor team will be working together in Copenhagen for 4 months starting Feb 1, 2017 through June 1, 2017. After that time, we will return to the United States. Applicants that are able to join us in Copenhagen for all or part of the…


Creating modular server side software with Swift.

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