Vapor Red 1.1 Released

Jul 11 · 2 min read

After the successful launch of Vapor Red 1.0 last month, we are excited to release 1.1 today! This latest release includes Linode support, a new dark mode, and more.

We have also released a new landing page for Vapor Red that you can visit at

New landing page for

Linode Support

When creating new servers, you will now have the option to use Linode as your cloud provider.

Create and manage Linode servers from Vapor Red

To get started using Linode, you just need to enter the API token from your Linode account. Learn more about using Linode in our documentation at

Dark Mode

Now you can give your eyes a break during those late night coding sessions. 1.1 includes a new Dark Mode theme that you can enable at any time.

Dark Mode in Vapor Red dashboard

Enable Dark Mode via the new option in the user menu. You can access the user menu by clicking on your name.

And Much More…

Tons of smaller improvements have been made in this release, too:

  • User settings, support, billing, team, and providers all have their own dedicated pages for easier navigation.
  • The layout of application and server pages has been reorganized to take better advantage of the available space.
  • The billing interface has been overhauled to make it easier to subscribe and change your current plan.
  • Several layout fixes on small screen sizes for a better mobile experience.

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Learn more about Vapor Red and signup now at

— Vapor Team


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