Find My Location Application using HTML CSS JavaScript |GeoLocationAPI in Javascript

In video

  • What is GeoLocation API
  • Practical usage of Callback functions
  • Promise over Callback
  • Implementing Dark Mode and Light Mode

Timeline :

00:00 Introduction

00:12 Demo of Find My Location Application

00:48 Launching VSCode from command prompt

01:00 Creating Application Files & HTML Coding

02:12 Introduction to Geo-location API

04:01 Practical usage of Callback function

07:30 Promise

09:54 API Location details

14:20 Country API

17:13 Recap on Location details part

18:40 Create HTML Markup and Styling

20:09 linear-gradient() background & CSS gradient generator

23:27 Apply Google Font

25:28 Rending data on Screen

28:16 Toggling Dark & Light Mode



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