Build update: out with the (really) old

Hello, new roofing

I still haven’t finished painting one wall and replacing the tiles in the soon-to-be office, because there is a leak on one side of the room, particularly where the wall is.

The roofing containing the room is really old and has lots of holes in it. Also, the frame and the metals holding the roof look like they’re about to give up. I can’t even imagine why we left those holes open for so long. When it rains, it literally rains inside the house. I decided to take matters into my own hands and fund the repair of this problem. Essentially, we’re replacing the whole roof of the old playroom.

These old pieces of metal and roofing are older than me.

After the repairs, I can finally paint the last side of my room, then order my tiles and have them installed. I’ve also (after countless measurements) finalized the final layout of the room, and have ordered some furniture and necessary stuff for it.

IKEA Malm Desk w/ Pull-out

Change of plans. Instead of having a custom desk built for over $1000, I ordered the IKEA Malm Desk w/ Pull-out which was supposed to arrive last Friday, but apparently I was informed that the incoming item was in the wrong color, and I would have to wait three weeks for the white desk to arrive.

The advantages are: price is only 1/4, dimensions are (almost) the same, and there is built-in cable management. The downside is that the depth of the desk is smaller, at 65cm vs. the 75cm I originally planned, so I decided to get wall mounts for my monitors instead.

My Hue lights also arrived, and I’ve setup the bridge and installed one of them in the room already.

Here’s a video of it in action using Hue Disco.

Philips Hue!

I have a few more orders incoming (6803 5050 LED strips, some WiFi-enabled arduinos), but those are for future posts. This is all for now!