Late to the Start

I am writing this, and laughing out loud because I swore I typed this blog but then my professor was like, “LOL, nah, man.”

Me… This was actually me in high school…

So, should this be a “thing” that teachers allow? Late work? What sort of policy should teachers really have when it comes to students not handing work in on time?

In high school, I had ALL, and I mean ALL ends of the spectrum: from one teacher giving you a zero if it wasn’t in at the begininning of class, to the teacher that was like, “well, ya got until the end of the MP to hand it in.” And I would still get full credit from that teacher, too.

probably the most accurate depcition of my HS English teacher

I really want to know what other teachers have to think about late work. I, honestly, think that the teacher that gives students a zero for it being five minutes late should be scorned, but that’s just me…

((Listen, people. I am no expert at this… I’m just asking for a friend.))

In my own world, I believe that every student should have that ability to get that full credit for the work they submit, even if it is a day late.. And I really don’t think that I would be inclined to punish them for it being late.

In a perfect world. (crazy, I know). Everyone would ALWAYS hand their work in on the due date, but in high school it just won’t happen. So, by not let the students still get their full credit on the day after it was due?! We all get busy, and we shouldn’t be punished for being well-rounded… That would be so stupid…

Ain’t it the truth?!

So, lets say that the assignment was worth ten points, and they turn it in a day late. They are still gonna get that 10/10, because who knows what PERSONAL reasons came up that made it be late.

But trust me, after that there would be no grace. They are getting 25% of the grade removed if it is 2+ days late. So, the most they’re getting at that point is a 7.5/10, even if the whole thing was correct.

— —

I just get to thinking about things like this when I hear about teachers who fail students who are experiencing personal hardships, just because their work was a day or so late.

I rant too much, to be honest.

Hopefully this is the last blog that I sound like a whiny baby, too.

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