Have some classrooms reached the point where there is TOO much technology in the classroom?

We see them. At least I do at my education placement. iPads. Cell phones. Laptops. They are sprawled across the desks of the students who use them, wishing to learn.

More-so at my placement, the school provides each student with an iPad. They sign these out from the school for the entire year, and they take them home, to class, and use them whenever, and pretty much however they wish to when it comes to their classes.

Now, each of the iPads can be seen from the teacher’s iPad, allowing the teacher to see what they are on and of they are staying on task. Now, here’s the catch: the Bluetooth has to be enabled.

Now, some of the teachers have started writing detentions for those that continue to “forget” to enable their Bluetooth, but if the teacher hasn’t looked, much like my co-op forgets to do, you may have a student that cheats on an exam because they didn’t turn their’s on.

Some positives. I love the fact that they have Schoology. They use this program to do assignments, take tests, look at presentations that the teacher is giving, and allows them to have access to the classroom, even if they are sitting in their beds at home.

Cons that I see coming from this: OBVIOUSLY, the biggest one I talked about earlier. Should the students not take the instructors seriously and not turn their finder on, they can do whatever they want and “fly under the radar” of the teacher. Another thing is, what happens for the teachers if they begin to fault, and the iPads break? Then you run into another problem.

Basically, me. I hate technology.

I, honestly, think that I am against the idea of technology consuming the classroom, but I think I am like that because I am someone who learns better through physical note-taking. I definitely enjoy discovering the different ways for test-taking and following along in the lesson, but I want to make sure that all the students are learning.

— — — — —

So, I am asking for a friend. How can I incorporate the different sites and technologies into my classroom (social studies) without losing the focus of my students.

Also, do you have any websites that you find useful in your classroom, and how you keep your students engaged with those technologies.

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