Who Are You?

So, I am observing a 10th grade World History class at a local high school, and normally I would be with students, but this time was (boringly) different…

-insert eye-roll here-

This image is everywhere. So, I had to follow the trend.

SOOOOOO, I went to see my teacher on Thursday, expecting to really get involved with an invigorating lesson on Japan, only to find out that they were doing something much different…



Now, what in the world am I supposed to do for the next two hours while he sits and gabs with parents? Nothing. The answer is nothing. I, unfortunately, had to sit like a fly-on-the-wall and just smile at all the parents that came to visit.

His conferences TOTALLY didn’t look like this…

THIS TIME, however, allowed me to do some thinking (long and hard) about why schools have these conferences, although I am still thinking to myself, “are they really THAT important?”

I have come to a very simple conclusion: no.

Out of all those parents that came into the classroom to meet with my teacher, MAYBE only one of them had a grade that was below an 80%, which makes sense because he teachers all academic/honors courses.


“Why have Parent-Teacher conferences?”

I can see the importance of having them, but only if the parents want to meet with you about their child. Why force someone to come meet with you if you’re only going to tell them, “Oh, Susie is doing great in my class. I love having her everyday. She is going to be such a great young-woman in the future.” It’s just unnecessary to me.

Conferences, however, are REALLY stinkin’ important for those kids that aren’t succeeding like they should be, much like that one student that met with my co-op for good reason.

Discussing missed work, talking about quiz/test grades, getting to know personal student/parent information that could help you better that student.


This means that I am asking for input… 
- Why do we have these conferences?

Especially when the parents who SHOULD show up, are too busy (or don’t care about their student enough), to meet with teachers.

— —

Oh well… I guess I will just prepare for next time I have to sit and listen to the same speech said over-and-over again:

“Oh, so-and-so is doing great in my class. I love having her everyday. She is going to be such a great person in the future.”

— —

But, to end on a more not-so-negative side, I did get a laugh out of the fact that my teacher could not remember more than half his student’s names (simply because they weren’t in their assigned seats).

So, I give you my favorite clip from Key & Peele entitled, “Substitute Teacher.”

Please note: some things said in this clip could be viewed a inappropriate to some.. Viewer discretion is advised..



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