Rails Capstone Project

Back again to write about my latest capstone project in my Flatiron School coding bootcamp. This one gave me more headaches than either of the other two but only because I think I was too focused on having everything perfectly planned before I moved on the the next step. I had the idea of what I wanted to from the beginning (another Dungeons & Dragons-themed project — I may go five-for-five, if only to get theming bonus) but the naming conventions and associations were frustrating the patterns I had in my head.

After taking a morning off to walk and take care of some errands, I was able to synthesize what I wanted into what was required, and it came out better than I expected. My first project was a simple scraping program to pull D&D games from another website and display them in the command line. For this project I wanted to create the website that would host those games. So what I created was an app that lets someone create a story and then give his/her friends a passcode to join by creating a character. From there, the story creator and the participating characters can forge their own story through journals and character editing. It still is not as robust as I would prefer, but I feel as though I am getting closer through each project to reaching my goal of doing this boot camp:

Materializing a project from my head into reality.

Once again this project was a big step forward for me in areas I want to improve: debugging, troubleshooting, logic-manipulation. That last one sounds improper, but really it is just being able to keep simplifying code down into a minimalistic form that gives the true/falsey value I need from that line.

I am looking forward to the next section what next level of functionality/operation I can create.



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