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Looking at the calendar, I now realize that almost three months have passed since I finished my intensive coding Bootcamp. Time flies by, crazy. Let’s go back a bit more and see how I made up my mind and joined Ironhack Berlin in summer 2018.

Being a digital architect

For a long time now I have had the wish to create and build. I was never really sure what, but I just know that I want TO CREATE and hopefully make an impact one day. Being a generation Y-er this is actually one of the unique character traits most of us have in common…

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What is the one thing we all want? What is it every one of us is thinking about from waking up in the early morning, being the last thought before falling asleep at night?

Now when I tell you, you might think “ah I am fine without it” but deep inside you do know that it is true. Any guesses before I lift the curtain? Come on I know you must have some idea ….well ok I will tell you.

The one thing every human on the planet craves is TO LOVE AND BE LOVED. …

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Today I would like to talk about a different but fascinating topic. The generation Y and yeah I admit I am part of that generation which gives me valuable first hand insight but might also make me a bit biased. Nevertheless I will try and be as objective as I can be …… so here it goes.

Generation Y (Why;)

This year (2018) even the youngest of this generation will become 18 and be considered an adult. Born between early 1980’s and 2000 generation Y accounts for a great part of today’s and future workforce. …

BackEnd Stuff ;)

It is 10pm on a Saturday evening in Berlin. I am sitting in the offices of We Work in one of those little cubicles that people use to make phone calls. The friendly reminder in front of me says: “Please limit your phone booth usage to 30 minutes”. Just now I have overstayed my time for roughly 10 hours — I am not exaggerating. I arrived at around 11 am in the morning and only left my place a couple of times to get more coffee and once to get some food.

“Please limit your phone booth usage to 30…

Florian Mueller

Banker, turned Social Media, Marketing Guru. PaSsion FoR MoVIEs!!! NEwly turned coder, it is f***ing complicated but amazing. On the way to be a Polymath 🔜 😜

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