500 Photoshop Text Effects & Layer Styles (Free & Premium)

500 Photoshop Text Effects

John Negoita


(FREE & Premium)

Photoshop layer styles are a great tool for creating amazing Photoshop text effects quickly. As a graphic designer, I’ve created and collected a lot of layer styles for all sort of effects.

In this list I will share with you some of the best Photoshop layer styles from my huge collection. Some of them are free and some of them are premium, but they are for sure worth their money.

Gold Styles Photoshop

+100 Gold Styles For Photoshop

This is one of the best collection of gold styles for Photoshop. It contains over 100 layer styles for creating gold text effects.

There are both free and premium amazing gold text effects and there are even a few video tutorials that you can follow to easily create your own gold text effects.

To name just a few of the gold text effect layer styles in this collection:

  • All types of yellow gold text effects
  • Gold foil Photoshop text effects
  • Bling-bling gold jewelry text effects
  • Solid gold letters effects
Chrome Effect Photoshop

+25 Metal Chrome Photoshop Styles

Want to create metal or chrome text effects in Photoshop?

Save time by using these metal and chrome layer styles. Not only you save time, but these effects are so realistic and clean you will think your text is really made of metal.

Included in the metal and chrome Photoshop styles collection you will find:

  • Brushed metal effects
  • Chrome layer styles
  • Iron layer styles
  • Shiny metal effect layer styles
Wood Styles Photoshop

+50 Wood Text Effects For Photoshop

Another beautiful collection of Photoshop layer styles and text effects is this wood style Photoshop collection.

Using wood texture images and Photoshop layer styles in this collection you can create:

  • 3D Wood Letters
  • Embossed Wood Text Effects
  • Carved Wood Text Effects
  • And more…
Photoshop Glass Effect

+15 Photoshop Glass Effects

We covered gold layer styles, metal and chrome, wood. To make the materials collection complete, how about this amazing Photoshop glass effect layer styles collection?

It contains the very best realistic layer styles to create Photoshop glass effects in your designs.

Stone Text Effect Photoshop

+100 Stone Text Effects Photoshop Layer Styles

To complete the organic materials layer styles list, here’s a huge collection of stone text effect layer styles for Photoshop.

Creating stone text effects or any kind of rock effects becomes so easy with these stone and rock Photoshop layer styles.

Comic Styles For Photoshop

+50 Comic Book Styles For Photoshop

A lot of graphic designers create their own comic books.

These comic styles for Photoshop are absolutely great for creating amazing comic books.

Among the comic book effects:

  • Retro comic book text effects
  • Halftone comic book effects
  • Cartoon text effects
Candy Style Photoshop

15+ Candy Styles For Photoshop

Check out these delicious sweets and candy styles for Photoshop. If you want to add something sweet to your designs you should definitely give these layer styles a try.

These candy layer styles can be used both for creating candy text effects.

To name just a few text effects:

  • Chocolate text effect
  • Candy text effect
  • Jelly bonbon text effect
  • Gingerbread cookies text effect
Food Text Styles Photoshop

+100 Food Text Styles For Photoshop

In this collection you will find more than one hundred layer styles for Photoshop for creating food related effects.

Here’s just a few of the food layer style text effects contained in this collection:

  • Cake text effect
  • Orange peel text effect
  • Oreo milk biscuit text effect
  • Rice and sushi text effects
  • Gingerbread cookie text effect
  • Coffee typography text effect
  • And many more…
Chalk Effect Photoshop

+33 Chalk And Chalkboard Text Styles For Photoshop

Creating chalk text effects that look realistic is no easy task. Using pre-made chalk layer styles in combination with chalkboard textures and backgrounds is the quickest way to do it.

In this chalkboard and chalk effects collection you will find:

  • Realistic chalk text effect creators
  • Colored chalk drawing layer styles
  • Chalk typography text effects
Sketch Style Photoshop

+15 Sketch Layer Styles For Photoshop

This is a list of premium Photoshop layer styles for creating sketch effects in Photoshop. From pencil sketches to doodles and free hand drawing, you will find this collection quite useful if you want to create sketch designs.

Ice And Snow Text Effects Photoshop

+45 Ice And Snow Text Styles For Photoshop

These are some really cool layer styles for creating ice and snow text effects. You can create realistic ice text effects, snow writing, frozen text effects, etc.

Neon Styles Photoshop

+30 Neon Text Styles For Photoshop

I will confess that this collection of neon styles for Photoshop is one of my favorites. You can create very realistic neon signs in just a few clicks.

In this collection you will find:

  • Realistic neon styles for Photoshop
  • Billboard, marquee lights and show time creators
  • Neon style Photoshop mockups
  • LED rope text effects
Retro Typography Photoshop

+25 Retro Typography Layer Styles For Photoshop

Retro typography is such a beautiful art. I have worked on tens of projects that included in some way or another retro typography.

Be it:

  • Retro logos
  • Retro badges
  • Vintage text effects
  • Old magazine text effects

You will find this collection extremely useful.

Creative Text Effects Online
Creative Text Effects Online

BONUS: Creative Text Effects Online

For those of you who don’t have Photoshop, there are alternatives. MockoFun is a free online text editor (and more) with lots of creative text effects.

Choose the text effect you want, write your text and download the result. All this you can do online and for FREE!