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OpenJS Foundation, the one behind NodeJS, Electron & webpack has an announcement!

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OpenJS Foundation

If you’ve never heard about the OpenJS Foundation, you probably have two questions in mind, let me answer those:

Promote the widespread adoption and development of key JavaScript solutions and related technologies.

Will this kill Docker?

Grave with Docker’s logo on it
Grave with Docker’s logo on it
Photo by the author.

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Kat Cosgrove tweeted this on December 2:

Let me transcribe the whole thread for you here if you’re not a Twitter user:

“So, Kubernetes is deprecating Docker support and you’re either nervous or confused. That’s okay! I would like to help you understand what’s happening. A thread! 1/10

From Kubernetes v1.20, you will receive a deprecation warning for Docker. After that, you will need to use a different container runtime. Yes, this will break your clusters. You might think that Docker == Kubernetes. Not so! 2/10

The thing we call…

I searched long for tools to tame JavaScript and I found them

3 mainstream, 2 obscure, 1 in the rise

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Photo by Anna Elfimova on Unsplash

I’ve coded for years with statically typed languages, I started with Assembler, moved to C, passing through Visual Basic and C#, but all my understanding about software changed when I moved to JavaScript.

My Frist Experience with JavaScript

When I decided to try JavaScript for the first time, I coded in Sublime Text, it was all about text editing, multi-cursor, micro-plugins, and opened blazing-fast compared to Visual Studio; I didn’t have to wait for IntelliSense or compilers, I typed, saved, and the code was ready to run, voilá!

The speed of a scripting language was great, but one little thing changed as well: the number…


Understanding canvas with precision

Hi! I’m exploring technology with the simplest domain I could think of, Tic Tac Toe, check the other articles:

  1. Tic Tac Toe: React, TypeScript, XState, fp-ts & CSS GridEspañol
  2. HTML Canvas is fire (this article) — Español (proximamente)
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Wait, what is HTML Canvas?

According to Mozilla:

The Canvas API provides a means for drawing graphics via JavaScript and the HTML <canvas> element. Among other things, it can be used for animation, game graphics, data visualization, photo manipulation, and real-time video processing.

The Canvas API largely focuses on 2D graphics. …

A Series of Tic Tac Toe

Part I

Hi! I’m exploring technology with the simplest domain I could think of, Tic Tac Toe, check the series out:

  1. Tic Tac Toe: React, TypeScript, XState, fp-ts & CSS Grid (this article) — Español
  2. HTML Canvas is fire — Español

In this article, we’ll build Tic Tac Toe with React, Typescript, XState, fp-ts and CSS Grid.

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0. Prerequisites

1. Assets

First, we need some assets to make our little game. We need a Board, Players (X

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Photo by olia danilevich from Pexels

Do you want to start earning money but don’t where to start? Learn from these people.

Joshua Burns

Joshua is one of the top-earning freelancers on Upwork, with over $600000 earned in just a little over 4 years. He’s devoted to freelancing, technologies being financially free and helping you to achieve your goals.

I really love Joshua’s content; he speaks calm and publishes high-quality videos full of tips about succeeding in Upwork!

Joshua’s most popular videos:

“The COMPLETE Upwork Tutorial for Beginners!” …

By neuroscientist Andrew Huberman Ph. D.

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Foto de Daria Shevtsova en Pexels

What can you do better: pulling long hours for a week at work or get quality sleep for 7 days straight?

If you’re anything like me, then the answer is the long hours.

Taking a step back we can observe we have an asymmetric skill set, putting all-nighters is much easier than getting quality sleep regularly.

This is all explained by Andrew Huberman, PhD, Professor and Lab Director at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dr. Huberman’s YouTube Channels is a 2021 jewel, he talks about Neuroscience, things like Brain Function, Neuroplasticity, Neuro-Technologies and Practical Applications of Neuroscience.

Dr. Huerban is…

If you’re a Web Developer, you should check these two resources out!

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Foto de Vlada Karpovich en Pexels

Want to surround yourself with high-quality content? Give these two websites a try.


While checking the news, I discovered a fascinating video about 7 Web Features of Progressive Web Apps, so I decided to check it out.

That you can use today

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Inspired by Ruby, there are 3 new operators ready for the next ECMAScript version that you can use today.

There’s a video version of this article available at:

Logical nullish assignment (??=)

Imagine you have the following class:

And you want to set the name of the 🐈 strictly when necessary, and only if it is nullish, as it is an expensive operation, involving some DOM manipulation than can mess up your page state.

Today you’ll do something like:

This is how we usually test if a value is falsy, in an effort actually to check nullishness.

Let me remind you…

For solopreneurs:

It’s about monetizing your craft and what you should focus on

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Foto de Sharafath Athimannil en Pexels

I read a short article that says it all, but you have to read between the lines, I’ll share my full interpretation with to you.

I agree with the Up-flat-down hill Product Making, the shapes are right, but the arguments, at least for me, couldn’t be responsible for the results.

I was talking last week with Carlos Tenor (@carlostenor), founder of He’s worked on this project for almost two years, every day from Monday to Sunday while having a full-time job. …

Edgar Rodríguez

I talk about programming, for more go to:

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