Wrong email — Greatest Hits vol. 1

I have a common Gmail address and for some reason, people think it’s theirs quite often and send me their stuff. Also, people use it to reach Rachel B’s of all types, which gets frustrating to filter through. I have a category called Wrong Email that I’ve been adding to over the years, and it’s humungous. Here’s one of the best from it.

Date: July 17, 2017
Subject: help
From: Chip
To: David, Rachel

So, this again.
I hate to bother either of you in non-work lives, but I need some help. Rachel, you tagged a FLOGGING MOLLY cd last week. It should’ve been put out yesterday by Dave. Now, of course, someone ordered it, and I cannot find it. Any assistance either of you can give me is appreciated.
Guys, we have GOT to be better at this. I had to cancel an order last week because i could not find it. Amazon is very tight about it sellers, and will only allow a small number of cancelled orders before they shut down the account for 30 days. I know this is new to you guys (and me as well) but we all have to take this seriously. We have got respond to emails, respond to customers and get stuff shipped, all in a timely fashion. You have both got to learn the various aspects of this mail-order business. Don’t expect to leave a mess waiting for me to straighten out in the morning. Each of you is responsible for the completion of all Amazon duties on your respective shifts.
On a related note…..if you do not know what genre an artist is in, look at some of that artists other entries in New Point. Dont just arbitrarily assign things. Both of you are lucky in that your Amazon interaction is only a couple of hours. I have a full 8 hours a day to deal with this. Ask me sometime how much fun it is to search the store for 2 hours, only to find someone tagged Lucinda Williams as “rock” and someone stuck her under “Used L” for Lucinda. On second thought, do not ask how much fun that is.
This Amazon stuff is new to all of us. If you have a question, call me or Matti. Don’t just leave things undone. Put the CDS in the genres noted on the label ( pulled 4 this morning that were in the wrong spot). When tagging used CDS, if the artist has a card, put the used CD under the card. IE-PINK FLOYD does not goes in “USED P”. It goers under PINK FLOYD, with the rest of the PINK FLOYD CDs. Remember, I am the one who has to deal with these things every single day. Every time one of you does not pay attention to where you are putting things, I am the one stuck with trying to find it. It does not put me in a very nice mood.
Now can someone shed some light unto the missing FLOGGING MOLLY cd……..any help is good help.

Date: July 17, 2017
From: David
To: Chip, Rachel

I looked and could not find Flogging Molly or the Mastersons yesterday. I put cds where they belong according to genre and under Williams for Lucinda Williams. She has her space/card in the roots section. There is a Flogging Molly cd in stock, but it is not the one ordered. I spent most of my day yesterday looking for those 2 cds as well as moving all of the rock cds around. I have nothing further to say that you can’t tell me when I come in.


  1. Based on his SUPER passive-agressive sign-off, we are left to conclude that Chip might murder David and/or Rachel. So what’s my role? Should I alert the police? I don’t know!
  2. You should know that in David’s signature, he had his work information and he was a compliance officer for social services. So why the heck is he dealing with Chip?
  3. You’re probably wondering what I did about this. Here you go:

Date: July 25, 2017
From: Rachel
To: Chip, David

Hey! Sorry. Just saw this. Did you guys find it?

Also, I just ordered that Flogging Molly CD. 1 left in stock. I better get it by August 3rd!

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