Are you using React to build user interfaces? Well, I am too. And now, you’ll learn why you should write your React applications using ReasonML.

React is a pretty cool way to write user interfaces. But, could we make it even cooler? Better?

To make it better, we need to identify its problems first. So, what is the main problem of React as a JavaScript library?

React wasn’t initially developed for JavaScript

If you take a closer look at React, you’ll see that some of its main principles are foreign to JavaScript. Let’s talk about immutability, functional programming principles, and type system in particular.

Immutability is…

3. 7. 2018: UPDATED to ReasonReact v0.4.2

You may have heard of Reason before. It’s a syntax on top of OCaml that compiles to both readable JavaScript code and to native and bytecode as well.

This means you could potentially write a single application using Reason syntax, and be able to run it in the browser, and on Android and iOS phones as well.

This is one of the reasons why Reason (ouch, pun) is becoming increasingly popular. This is especially true in the JavaScript community because of the syntax similarities.

If you were a JavaScript developer before Reason came…

The maintainable component structure is a crucial prerequisite for a stable React application. You can achieve this by writing your code in a functional way using higher-order components (HoCs). If you stick to this pattern, you’ll end up with reusable components that are both readable and easy to test as each component is only responsible for a single task.

In this article I’d love to share my experience, so you can easily utilize this approach in your own applications. …

The purpose of this post is to emphasize the importance of JavaScript fundamentals for every front-end developer. I’m going to tell you why you should have a good knowledge of pure (Vanilla) JavaScript. This means JavaScript without any additional frameworks or libraries.

I’ll also mention a couple of resources that helped me to learn these basics.

Another reason behind this post is that many aspiring web developers tend to skip learning core JavaScript concepts such as hoisting, closures, or prototypes. They go straight to the hottest frameworks such as React or Angular 2. …

1. Are you satisfied with your current job?

Does your career fulfill you and move you in the right direction? Have you ever sat down to really think about it? For too long, I went with the flow and took whatever reasonable professional options came up, not giving them any thought. Or at least not enough.

That changed a year ago when I decided I wasn’t satisfied with my law career and needed a change. I wish I had come to that conclusion sooner, but the important thing is that this realization motivated me to pursue a more fulfilling career path.

Take some time to really think about…

David Kopal

Lawyer turned developer. #JavaScript, #ReactJS, #ReasonML, #FunctionalProgramming

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