The trends in web development are constantly shifting. Some of them evolve for the better and last for years. While others may disappear quite quickly, not leaving much of an impact in the industry.

Voice Search

Voice search is using the spoken language to query search engines. The smartphones come packed with digital voice assistants. For instance, the iPhone has Siri and Android comes with Google Assistant. The voice-based search is gradually taking over the traditional text-based search.

The web developers are constantly working to inculcate more voice-based search methods seeing the growing popularity of this technology. …

Now that most of you have studied web development or are still exploring the many realms of it; let us do a quick recap on what is Web Development. It is basically the study of developing a website for the internet or intranet. The development can vary from a single static page of plain text to complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, and social network services.
If you are good at web development, then there are various companies offering jobs for different roles like Web Developer, UI/Web Designer and many more. …

Preparing for a technical interview involves a great deal of effort. Be it, managing time to solve a coding problem or clearing your concepts of programming, everything requires practice. There are two ways of analysing a question asked in the technical industry. Firstly, you should know what you are actually going forward with before starting to answer. Secondly, you must be ready with the explanations.

Prepping the Basics

To conquer every hurdle and especially for the interviews you have to get on practising. Learning and side-by-side implementing will help you get hands over the complex problems with ease. There’s no rocket science it’s…

  1. A social media app

A working social media app can do wonders for your resume. However, it is recommended for full-stack developers only. Implementing technologies like databases, scripts, and all that jazz goes into developing a social media app, and if you have got some great ideas about it, you can become famous.

Companies know that building a social media app is extremely difficult and challenging to make. If you have a social media app on your resume, no one can deny the fact that you are an expert web developer.


  • React + Redux
  • Express
  • Material Ui
  • NodeJs
  • REST…

In the constantly evolving tech world, a lot of ‘next big things’ are awaiting to be uncovered. 5G, however, is a medium that will make every other next big thing possible. Making the delivery of education easier and accessible to more people, 5G is expected to bring the world closer together.

5G is the future

The new speed features better coverage area, the high data rate at the edge of the cell, low battery consumption, multiple data transfer rate and many other characteristics. 5G is the answer to our technical dreams, making possible billions of new, secure and instantaneous connections…

Competitive programming is a mind sport and you have to practice to master it. Let’s take the example of cricket to understand it better. When you enter the field to bat for the first time, you do miss a couple of balls before hitting one over the rope. The same is the case with competitive coding.
Initially, you may submit your code and get a wrong answer. You try again and eventually you get your first accepted or correct answer. …

While hiring machine learning engineers and data scientists, the companies look for experience related to machine learning projects. A complete machine learning project involves preparing a problem statement, designing a specific solution to the problem, gathering and processing the data, and evaluating the quality of your model.

The machine learning projects you pick up say a lot about your maturity and creativity as a data scientist. If you have the right skillset in your resume, you can pursue a great machine learning career with a good pay scale.

In this guide, we have mentioned some of the best machine learning…

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that gives a machine the ability to automatically learn and improve from an experience, rather than being explicitly programmed. ML is amongst the hottest career choices in 2020. Companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, and many others are making a transition towards Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

There are various career options in the field of Machine Learning such as Machine Learning Engineer, Machine Learning Analyst, NLP Data Scientist, Data Sciences Lead, and Machine Learning Scientist.

To help the aspiring Machine Learning enthusiasts, here are some tips which will help you build…

Technology never ceases to amaze. What is now possible was once deemed unrealistic, too difficult, perhaps even impossible to achieve. Who would have thought that we would see phones with folding screens? This is just a very small example of the extent of the impact technology has had on the world.

Speaking of, the dawn of the new decade has brought with it a plethora of promise for the tech world. Concepts such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented Reality are growing in power day by day. Singing on a similar tune comes in data science- the hot prospect…

The world of coding and programming has been around for years. Ever since the first high level programming language, Short Code, was implemented in 1949, the world has well and truly realized the power that lies within a single line of code.

The top dogs in tech are always looking to hire the best coders around. Programming has become more than just a hobby for techies, it is now a way of life, and a livelihood. In the midst of all that is programming, we took the time to collect a few coding myths- practices and beliefs about programming that…

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