Good Day everyone, I have been hearing about the Army in Bengal since yesterday. If you hear something a lot of time you tend to check what is happening.

Army in Bengal
Army in Bengal

Does it have any relevant to us?

No it is not at all impacting us. As they are not harassing any common man why is CM of Bengal taking a stand?Isn’t it one of the cheap media tactics to get attention? As her earlier plan and threat related to Demonetization, no one cared about,to me it looks the same.

Didi has something hidden?

On going through complete news and all, to me it looks like West Bengal CM for whom I used to have high regard, is actually creating issue out of nothing.

Anyway coming back to the point of Army in Bengal, to me if I would have been the chief minister, it would not have mattered. As i am thinking from being an Indian angle, States are just means of managing the small set of population effectively. The way Chief Minister of Bengal is trying to get media attention is actually getting cheap.

Does it make sense to spend 36 hours when Army of your own country is conducting its regular exercise in your state? If you will google through you will come to know the reason for regular audit behind the same.Army does this regularly to gauge what kind of movements, traffic, load etc. is plying on the roads. This helps army in better planning and movement during critical times.

Even if someone is thinking that our Prime Minister Modi has deployed it to keep a close check on Demonetization, then also I do not see any issue.

We are Indian first

It actually highlights how thinking of our people have become so small. Army, Bengal, different states etc. is integral part of India, but all CM cares about is her Bengal. I am not saying no one shall care about his/her own state but they shall first think about being and Indian.

It is a high time people shall realize that we shall stand united for our Country first then state. I have observed so many times when people ask us, where are you from? Our answer varies from I am Bengali, Punjabi, Maharastrian etc. but none of us say, we are Indian first then those other things. I have seen this happening in foreign countries.

It is good to feel proud of your state but it is important and must to feel proud of your Country first. If you are not proud of your country then leave it.

What shall Chief Minister of Bengal Do?

Coming back to main point, I would expect Chief Minister of Bengal to actually think from a point of view where she considers her Indian, then we will not need this cheap politics. I do understand that we live in democratic country where anyone can express opinion. But my point is those opinion shall actually show solid facts behind having them. These facts does not exist in current drama going on.

Imagine the money and time wasted by West Bengal CM by just spending 36 hours sitting there. We could have actually used it to serve the common people.

Stop this cheap politics behave like Indian and support us.