We will transpile ECMAScript 6 into ECMAScript 2015

Step 1: Install Node

Installing Node.js® and NPM on Mac

Installing Node.js® and NPM on Windows

Step 2: Use New ECMAScript 6 Features

The “src” directory is a source folder that will host the original version of the JavaScript files for the application.

The “public” directory is for hosting the compiled version of the files for the application as well as other static files.

  • Inside the directory “public” create a subdirectory called “js” Babel will place the compiled JS into this test_transpile/public/js directory
  • Inside the directory “src”…

It helps you

Learning by teaching others is extremely effective, and that is why I help others. I have been doing it for years. I guess, I bit the bug in college when I worked as a tutor.

First, let’s talk about my JavaScript group and how it helps me.

My JavaScript group is beginner friendly, this means that it is a place where seasoned developers help others learn JavaScript better.

Now, you might ask, how does a seasoned developer benefit from being a part of the group. Well, they get a chance to be exposed to new ways of…

It is good to connect with the right people. For months now I thought that we had to pay over 30k for the license to use DB2 with node. Today I contacted the right person at IMB. I sent a message to the main person on the node team through LinkedIn, he messaged me back right away and told me about the right tools to use. In less than 10 minutes, guess who connected node to DB2? Me.

I swear I have been googling this for months. Maybe I was typing in the wrong search terms because I wasn’t finding…

The “in” operator

So how do you remember the “in” operator?

Think, in for i̲n̲dex.

Repeat after me …

in — i̲n̲dex, in — i̲n̲dex, in — i̲n̲dex, in — i̲n̲dex

You got it? So now I am going to ask you a question.

“what do I check if I use in with an Array? what is your answer?”

Answer: “the index”

Perfect you got it,

“what do I check if I use in with an Object? what is your answer?”

Answer: “the index”

Alright, good answer, but for the sake of being technically correct, let’s use some equivalent word that everyone is used to, the “key”, “the property”

Are you prepared for a quizzes?



Then use them when performing research

Today Jamie asked, “what is the what is difference between == and === in JavaScript?

Tony answered: “go google it, Jamie”

Sammy answer with the question “Jamie, do you know the proper names for those operators?

Jamie responded: “No, I do not “

Well said Sammy, “== is the Abstract Equality Comparison operator, and === is the Strict Equality Comparison operator”

“Sammy”, said Jamie, “this topic is not very easy for me to explain, so in order to not give you incorrect information, such as ‘== does not check the type and === does’…

The “prototype of an object” is used when looking up non-existent properties in the prototype chain

Omg guys, I have a story. I have this friend named John. He is really broke, he has no money. But he doesn’t care, he likes to pretend that he is rich.

So, 3 days ago, John met this girl that he wanted to impress.

He told this girl that he would pick her up at 7:30 pm sharp and take her to a restaurant.

When John told me this, I started laughing, because I know that John doesn’t have a car.

So anyway…

Codingstorytime — buying furniture

To understand hoisting, you have to understand SCOPE

SCOPE is the environment where a variable and a function lives. There are the global scope and the local( aka function) scope.

Basically, that means that if your code is not written inside of a function it is in the global scope. If you were a bed, your local scope would be the bedroom, and your global scope would be the house.

Now when JavaScript runs your code, it evaluates it to take note of where your code lives(scope). This evaluation is done in what is called the execution context.

Now, —…

Coding Story Time — Restful api

OMG guys, do you remember my friend John.

Well John just told me he has a job.

He has a fancy job guys, and he told me some really cool things about his job. I asked him what it was and he said

“ 🆁🅴presentational 🆂tate 🆃ransfer Application Program Interface”.

I said “what?” then he said 🆁🅴🆂🆃ful API”.

Thankfully, there is a shorter name for his job title. To be honest, if I hadn’t written it down on paper, I would not have been able to tell you what it is right now.

Well, John said that all he has to do is…

JavaScript Swap — with array destructuring assignment syntax

Yesterday I took my little cousin James shopping so that he could have new clothes for school.

Now today was the first day of school, and I was so excited for him.

I couldn't wait to hear about what his first day of Kindergarten was like. But, when I picked up James from school, there was something different about him.

I know, I know, kids are taught to share, it is a great thing, don’t get me wrong. But, I am lost for words. This is taking sharing to a whole other…

Even the Stiffest People Can Do the Splits

Disclaimer not responsible for any harm, you might experience

Stand up
place left leg to the left,
place right leg to the right
now lower your body to the ground

Let's Do the Split

Moya Richards

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