[Solved] CODLEADFORM Advanced Order Form Shopify App For Cash On Delivery

3 min readJan 19, 2022


[Solved] Advanced Cash On Delivery Order Form Shopify App

As everyone know There are three stages in the checkout for Shopify.

  • Customer Information
  • Shipping Method
  • Payment Method

At the shipping method stage, there is a choice for the customer to choose the shipping method which can be

  • Standard Shipping
  • COD Shipping

If a customer chooses COD Shipping which includes some COD handling charges , post this stage, the customer is taken to the Payment Method stage. Here, the choices shown are Online Payment Method like Credit Card, Net Banking, Debit Card, Wallets etc. along with Cash On Delivery as another option. This may be confusing to the customer, asking them to choose one of the payment method again. We did encounter quite a lot of customers who were stuck at this stage and not everybody is tech-savvy.

This make things more complicated and decrease conversion rates dramatically.

What we suggest as alternative?

CODLEADFORM considered among the best solutions for the year 2022, where customers can checkout on the product page quickly and easily without the need to navigate through the payment and performance pages because as it is known in the payment on delivery model, payment is outside the store when the product is delivered to the customer.

Simple Shema explain how codleadform order form shopify app works, from driving traffic to shopify store to sync orders with google sheets

CODLEADFORM Solutions for business.

With CODLEADFORM:[Advanced lead form shopify app] You can Collect orders directly from the product page using the smart order form and experience a faster and easier buying experience to increase your conversion rate

Google Sheets Integrations

Sync All your orders With google sheets and add custom field easily and quickly

CODLEADFORM Shopify order form app Collecte and Sync Orders with google sheet throuph the api integration

CODLEADFORM:[Advanced lead form shopify app] is Responsive with Debutify number #1 ecommerce newspaper solution

Advanced Tracking Integrations

With CODLEADFORM You can Track all customer behavoirs within the ecommerce store throuph the advanced tracking programs google analytics and Facebook multipixels features

With CODLEADFORM:[Advanced lead form shopify app] you can easily and with one click integrate the Advanced Tracking programs and control the movement of the visitors within the store:

  • Facebook Pixels
  • Google Analytics

Multi-facebook Pixels:

One pixel is not enough. So you can install multiple pixels without any coding skills. All you have to do is copy and paste.

CODLEADFORM Speak 4 languages

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • French

Entrepreneurs who work on a cash-on-delivery system in countries that speak English, Arabic, Spanish and French can use the application in the language that suits them




Complete Shopify Lead Form App For Cash On Delivery. Ready to use on differents theme especially Debutify #1 Ecommerce Solution