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  1. Is GraphQL a DB? No! For graphDB checkout options like ArangoDB, OrientDB, Neoj, DGraph etc.
  2. Is GraphQL an interface to Graph DB? No! Think of it as a parallel to REST or SOAP way of exposing your APIs.
  3. Is GraphQL a replacement for REST? It may or may not depending on your business context.
  4. Can GraphQL co-exist with REST? Yes!
  5. Does GraphQL have good tooling support? There is good tooling support to get you onboarded and get going. There needs to be more though, say for example, support in defining your GraphQL schema.
  6. Has GraphQL got supported libraries in my…

Lambda in action

Do you know that if your Lambda function is not invoked for a while and then invoked later, it may not be as responsive as you would wish it be?

And that is because if a Lambda function is not used for a long time (which is subjective to AWS systems as it deems right perhaps based on the demand against available capacity), AWS would re-cycle the container hosting the Lambda function. Subsequent to that for any new requests to this lambda function, AWS needs to deploy the container hosting it for the lambda function execution to happen. …

Clouds are scary beasts.

In my working on cloud migrations of varied scale with several organizations from startups to large enterprises, there has been some repetitiveness in the gotchas that I witnessed. This blog post is a satirical recollection of these to help you in your endeavors of cloud migration in general, and AWS Cloud in particular. Why AWS cloud specifically? See later section that answers this.

  1. Compare the cost of on-premise servers with AWS on-demand servers and blame AWS to be expensive
  2. Use wrong EC2 instance types for your application servers and/or database servers only to call out AWS to be non-performant
  3. Design…

This is my take on differences between Microservices Architecture (MSA) and Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) based on my experience of working with these architectural styles thus far. I do understand that there are companies that doesn’t distinguish between these two architecture lingo and use them interchangeable. And then there are also companies that have their own definitions of how each of these architectural styles are modeled. There is no right or wrong definition here (Ouch!, the world became chaotic even before we realized). What truly matters is that knowing our audience as we speak to them. …

Damn, why did I fail starting-up?

I love Quora and was once asked a question, “What did your first startup teach you?”. It prompted me to think again about it and I wanted to share my experience in condensed form to help this wannabe Entrepreneur in his preparation for this adventure. And I distilled my lessons from the experience to these 3 points as an answer.

This blog post is a reproduction of that answer.

My first startup failure taught me 3 key lessons below:

  1. ME AND MY BUSINESS : First things first — know your strengths and weaknesses. Map it to your start-up needs to…

10 myths about Microservices, that we often hear to believe it is true.

Micro-services has become a very hot topic in the last half-decade. After Agile, DevOps, its Microservices that we hear everywhere I go. The unfortunate thing that I witnessed though, is that, every organization and every person in that organization has their own definition of what a Microservice is. Just as the way, Agile and DevOps momentum are abused because of the cult status it achieved, Microservices too seem to have fallen in the same bandwagon.

This post is about recording the top 10 myths that we often hear often about Microservices to believe it is true. …

The Era of Project Managers (PMP certified ;)

This was a decade when it was not easy for a start-up to even give birth, for things were so complex and expensive too. There wasn’t promulgation of open-source tools and technologies and the cheap cloud that takes so much of the pain out from you for infrastructure management was simply not there.

This was an era when one enterprise was painfully dependent on other for the specialized services that the other provides. This mandated the need for Project Managers over Engineering Managers. And the viral joke in the community was something like,

“If you got a person in the…

One advantage of a “contemporary” Software Developer jumping into the Data Science bandwagon is that for him/her the rate of technology change is a given and no frustrating experience.

Here is an instance to relate:

I have been dabbling in the Data-science space on the Python stack for quite a while now. In an attempt to look for solutions to speed-up my hyper-parameter tuning time — more specifically the scikit-learn’s GridSearchCV, I stumbled upon a youtube video that showed how dask-learn library can come to the rescue and be an almost in-place replacement for scikit-learn’s GridSearchCV.

But when I tried…

…only to die way sooner than it expects.

Startups apeing MNCs

And may you not trust me on this. Pick 5–10 failed startups from the recent past, and look for patterns yourself. Alternatively, take those Unicorn companies and write top 3 to 5 unique qualities in each of those that the founders or news articles claim to have been their beginnings (You can take for granted that doing the opposite of these in your early stages is counter-productive). Compare your list to what I have mentioned in this post, to cry “Eureka!”.

The checklist of counter-productivity for a startup

  1. Look for pedigree certifications in hiring.
  2. Build hierarchy chart right from the very beginning
  3. Burn your money on things…

Correlation or Causation

What you should know quickly?

Given the observations of two features A and B: we observe correlation between features A and B, when we see a pattern where A and B change its values at the same time. When the values of A and B, increase or decrease together, we say they are positively correlated. When the value of A increases if we find that the value of B decreases proportionately and vice-versa, we say they are negatively correlated.

Correlation is what we can visually identify by plotting the values of features in the graph and compare their trends for patterns. With this we cannot…


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