Traveling opens your mind, enriches you internally, helps you improve in many ways, increases your life experience. It is part of my life, today it is a fundamental constant. I always travel for work, I have “monetized” my passions. All of this leads me to always keep up. When I’m not traveling I’m nervous because it’s part of my daily life.

After a “long” break of 30 days, today we start again, this year 2018 begins, my 2019. It will be a full year, many projects, a lot of work and commitment, all while traveling.

I do not call myself a “digital nomad” because I do not want to take possession of a “brand” that has precise connotations. It is true that I travel and work while traveling, but the lifestyle is completely different (I admire the digital nomads!).

It’s really great to be on the road and at the same time work. To do this you must have the appropriate tools that allow you to carry on your business. I make an important premise: the photos that portray a person with his Laptop, lying comfortably on a white beach in front of a crystalline sea, do not belong to me. For example right now I’m working inside a train carriage.

My “mobile Kit” of work is constituted by instruments that are absolutely simple, effective, probably not fashionable, economic, reliable but that allow me to satisfy my needs. I believe that those who work traveling should make a brief but fundamental reflection on the question of which tools to work use / buy. The latest model of the well-known company, the latest technology, the pursuit of fashion, costs a lot of money, when just half (maybe even less) you can buy really performing tools that allow you to “DO” rather that of “appearing”.

For example the LapTop. I notice that among the “colleagues” a famous brand prevails, the one that has as its symbol a fruit. The costs are high, even those regenerated LapTop, however, cost a lot. It all depends on what your job consists of. I will not dwell. Here on Medium you are all excellent writers, if you do not need hyper-technology, strange programs, I suggest an exceptional Chromebook. There are excellent models. My Acer works incredibly well! Purchased in the USA through Amazon, arrived very punctually after 5 days and at a cost of $ 380 including shipping costs. The battery lasts at least 11 hours,screen Full HD. Wonderful!!

Inseparable mouse. It’s very comfortable, as soon as I can, I use it. Lightweight, battery that lasts a lot, in practice you forget about its existence.

I omit the “electric” section or the various links to recharge. Those that I want mandatory, in the evening in the Hotel / Airbnb, they do their excellent job of recharging.

The “Mobile Kit” essential for working on the move, the “gathering” all in a comfortable and capacious backpack. Before deciding on the purchase, I pondered a lot, I did research, read reviews. I chose the Sparin model. Perfect for my needs.

I repeat the concept, the choice of which type of tools to buy depends on the needs that you have. Very often, however, you get influenced by fashion, friend, advertising (more and more ‘good these advertisers). Being influenced can be too expensive in the face of what we really need. What matters is to ACT AND REACH THEIR OBJECTIVES.

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