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The best way to understand blockchain project is to understand its’ main features and who could reveal it better if not the project founders themselves. Codum CEO, Liucijus Urmonas, and CTO, Kestutis Januskevicius, are introducing you to the first feature of their project — discoverability.

‘Discoverbility’ — what does it mean?

In short it means that code will be discoverable via metadata on usual search engines. ‘What does it change?’- you might ask. Well, it changes a lot because today almost all programming code is private and undiscoverable — the same code has to be developed again and again since no one can find it and then reuse it. This undiscoverable resource now takes up to 80% of the software market.

What problem does discoverability solve?

Code discoverability solves great problem of developers. It helps them save time and make it way more efficient because they no longer have to write code, which was already written by somebody else because they can buy it and reuse it. Also, anyone can create a market, but if nobody can find a product on that market it’s useless. By creating a way to make code (product) discoverable, codum creates the code market. And can you believe it? There is no code market right now.

Why isn’t there, though? Does code discoverability requires specific technology?

There were some projects but they did not succeed to go live. Like everything went well until they received a summons to court because of the name they have chosen. These projects made quite big mistakes from which we are learning. The answer to the second part of your question is yes, discoverability requires specific technology, but it shouldn’t be the reason of code market non-existence. It’s just a part of it that you have to deal with.

What about EOSIO — does it add up the value to discoverability?

Yes, it definitely adds value. However, EOSIO brings challenges too, since we are one of the first projects on this platform.

Why should private code owners make their code discoverable on codum?

Shortest answer is — money. Like in every other market code sellers are interested in profit. By creating a market in which they can sell their product, we encourage them to make it discoverable and the only place where it can be done securely is codum. Also, there are other values to the code sellers, but we will talk about it when explaining other codum features like security, working space or licensing.

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