This past November my wife and co-founder Raquel got a chance to attend CaboPress. A mastermind retreat for WordPress entrepreneurs. It’s taken me awhile to put together my thoughts on CaboPress. Before I go further I want to first of all thank Chris Lema for his graciousness for hosting and organizing such a valuable event. Let’s get right into it.

The resort in Cabo

The Value for a WordPress Entrepreneur

When I look back at the experience I had at CaboPress, I see an amazing community of other like-minded entrepreneurs in the WordPress ecosystem that are open and vulnerable. I also think about loyalty to one another. It’s so often we want to put up a front and make it appear like everything’s great, but it’s just not always the case!

The attendees at CaboPress are hungry to connect with like-minded individuals and create a great, valuable, and loyal community. This extends further than just a weeklong event.

The whole group!

It’s never easy to leave your business in Q4 and to be honest it was struggle to break from our workload at Mode Effect to set aside the time to focus on our business. I also understand that there will never be a good time for this but it’s so important!

Ironically these are some of the things that were covered at CaboPress. As I came away from the experience I definitely was able to see things more clearly that apply directly to our day-to-day business.

One thing that came through for us is market positioning. We’ve struggled to truly define a good vertical and speciality. The feedback from the hosts and other attendees helped us truly get clear of what we need to plant the flag on here at Mode Effect.

In case you were wondering, it’s WooCommerce!

Accommodations & Events

The lodging, accommodations, and activities were fantastic! One thing that I was very aware of was Chris’ ability to pay attention to all of the details that make a great event. That’s a wonderful feeling and something that I truly appreciate it from the experience. As a retreat, you really value someone looking ahead to planning a fantastic and relaxing event.

On one night we all ate at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse. This was a great event to break bread as one community and enjoy some top notch food. The next night we all went on a pirate ship on the Cortez sea. This was complete with a live performance right on the boat!

The Cortez Sea view from boat ride

CaboPress Hosts

The access to experienced folks who were there was a tremendous value. I had a chance to hear from Brian Clark (founder at Copyblogger, Rainmaker, etc), Jason Cohen (founder at WP Engine), and many other friends whom we’ve had over the years and have enjoyed conversations with.

Seriously it was a tremendous time to reflect and get out the flow of your business to get outside perspectives and hear good instruction on how to improve our business and help the customers we serve.

See you next year?

Senior web strategist and founder at @modeeffect. #WordPress #WooCommerce for enterprise companies, technology innovators & e-commerce store owners.

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