Effectively Utilizing Your Church Sign

Cody Riebe
Aug 29, 2018 · 3 min read
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Your church sign is an effective tool for getting people to notice your church. In fact, lots of church signs have gone viral. I work for BillboardsIn, the largest online marketplace for outdoor ads, and I can tell you outdoor signs are a great way to reach people. In fact, the outdoor ad industry has seen eight years of consecutive growth. While your goal doesn’t have to be for your sign to go viral, you should be sure you are using yours to its full potential. Here are some tips on getting the most from your church sign!


Church signs can be used in a variety of ways. Some churches might use them to simply inform passersby of upcoming events or service times. Others might use them to post Bible verses in hopes of spreading the gospel. And others, like to come up with puns or catchy slogans that will attract lots of attention to their church.

The best use for your church sign will depend on what kind of church you are. There is no right or wrong way to use your church sign. However, you do need to have a definite plan when coming up with your message. What do you want to accomplish? Many churches benefit from rotating between informational, inspirational, and humorous messages.


Churches at intersections have the advantage of longer view times for their church signs when traffic is stopped. For everyone else, your sign will only be viewable by drivers for around 3–5 seconds. This means your message needs to be short and to the point. Say what you want to say in as few words as possible. Trying to put all 33,000 words of Jeremiah on your church sign probably isn’t a good idea. Something like:

“But the LORD is the true God, he is the living God, and an everlasting king.”

Works a lot better.

If you’re still running low on ideas, be sure to check out SayingsForChurchSigns. They have countless examples of great messages for your signs.


As great as church signs are, they likely aren’t your main means of communication with your congregation. Most churches now have websites, Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter accounts, YouTube Channels, blogs, or even podcasts. If you want more people to interact with your social accounts, you have to advertise them. Your church sign is a great place to start.


After you’ve decided on your message and put it up, test it out by driving by your church sign. Are there any spelling or grammar mistakes? Can you read the whole thing when you drive by? Does it inform, inspire, or make you laugh? Another benefit of church signs is that if there is a mistake, it can be fixed quickly and easily.

Talking to your congregation about your sign’s message is a great way to get honest feedback. While opinions may vary, you will likely be able to get a sense of what they think. This is also a great way to get suggestions for future messages.

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