The Security Camera Debacle

“So I want security cameras, but they’re so big and bulky and I really don’t want to see them.”

Not all security cameras are created equal. In fact, most of the cameras that are made these days have a great image quality, but don’t take up nearly as much space as the model that comes to your mind when you think of the words “security camera”. Companies such as HiKVISION and LTS make cameras that can be as small as 4x3 inches, while still offering 1080P quality to ensure the best detail. Long gone are the days where larger cameras are necessary to get something better than the pixelated low-res photos you’re used to seeing of burglars on the local news.

quality is not sacrificed when changing size. Although some features are not available on the smaller model because it lacks an articulating mount and zoom, they still deliver the same quality of captured image)

Lots of people come to us with questions related to their security cameras. One of the largest concerns is the aesthetics. When it comes to securing your home, of course the main goal is deterring thieves before they even step onto your property. Homes use plenty of “protected by” stickers, lawn signs, or badges in order to advertise their safety. If these sound appealing, then of course some larger cameras on the outside of the home area going to be appealing as well.

Cute, and effective. This small Nest camera will help guard your home, and takes up minimal space. It’s even fairly visible to possible intruders, despite its small size.

If a thief sees a large articulating camera pointed on the stoop, they’re probably going to hesitate before stealing your Amazon package. However, sometimes smaller cameras are needed. People in condos have a common problem with their Homeowners Association requiring approval for changes that are made to their property, and cameras are usually not high up on the list of things they like to approve. In this case, it’s usually possible to get away with a smaller camera, while still not sacrificing quality.

Lawn signs can help add the extra teeth you’d like to go along with your larger cameras. Letting criminals know what they’re in for before they step on your property will have them rethinking their crimes.

When it comes to your indoor cameras, things can be a bit different. It’s a lot more comfortable to go about day to day activities without seeing a large camera out of the corner of your eye. Besides that even, the overall design and aesthetic of your home can be destroyed with something that doesn’t blend in, especially a camera on the ceiling. It’s very possible with newer camera designs to avoid this, both being equally protected still and barely noticing it’s even there. LTS offers a camera that is 2 megapixels with 1080P HD-TVI, while maintaining a size of 4x3.5 inches. Something this small is perfect for discretely protecting your home and ensuring visible images from the camera.

Maintaining a beautiful entryway doesn’t have to be compromised by making it secure. The camera in this photo is barely visible. Did you find it…or did you get distracted by the beautiful foyer?

Remember, not all cameras are created equal. Although the differences in quality can be drastically smaller than you’d expect, there’s still a lot that a large articulating camera can do that a smaller dome camera can’t. Tracking subjects, range of motion, and overall area covered by the camera can change drastically. These are all important aspects to keep in mind when you’re thinking small with your cameras. Mixing and matching different types for each area of your home can help this problem.

Thankfully there are plenty of options when it comes to cameras in the modern world, and its possible to tailor every room and environment of the home to a different type of camera, while still using apps such as Savant or Nest to tie them all together into your smartphone. Having a sense of security available in the palm of a hand is one of the most important ways you can control your lifestyle.

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