Cameron Farney

My profile of Cameron Farney will focus on how doing yoga and teaching it has had an effect on his life and lifestyle.

As he sat down in the brown leather chair in the studio, we could already see that Cameron Farney was confident, relaxed, and ready to start this interview. His demeanor alone showed how doing yoga for six years has molded him into a calm and down-to-Earth person.

Cameron went to his first yoga class just on a whim when his brother, asked if he would like to go with him. Cameron said yes and from then on was hooked. He started with the studio’s intro special and enjoyed it so, eventually, was hired to clean the studio two hours per week in exchange for free yoga. Then sometime later he moved up to work as a desk attendant. This is what started his passion for the art and what moved him into teaching and making yoga a huge part of his life.

Cameron told us that the art of yoga is much more than just fitness for him. Peace is his ultimate goal. Yoga has injected itself into his life to the point where every aspect of his life has became more peaceful and he has learned to be more patient with every choice he makes. “It’s a very specific skill set, and I’m always asking myself, whats going to bring me back to peace?” Cameron said. The aspect of peace is why he wants to always have yoga to be a part of his life. His outlook on life has changed, the people he has connected with from it, and the new skills he has learned are all benefits.

Along with being a yoga instructor, he attends the University of Nevada, Reno and plans on becoming a physical therapist. It is a sort of segway from yoga and knowing the way the body moves, bends, and the ways it can’t. Owning his own yoga studio doesn’t interest Cameron because having to deal with the business side of it would take away from the actual process of yoga.

There seems to be this sudden surge of interest in yoga that has came over all the metropolitan areas. Cameron said he believes that there was the Stone Age, the Industrial Age, and we are now in the “Instagram Age”. “All these people are out here doing crazy things in order to get likes and follows and their 15 minutes of fame.” Yoga has played a huge part in this Instagram craze. People are scared to even try it because they see these people doing handstands on paddle boards in the middle of the ocean and think that is the only way to do yoga. Cameron is trying to change that for anyone who has ever wanted to try it and hopes to teach that yoga can give you strength, flexibility, and most importantly peace.

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