The Delights and Woes of Travel CX

Long flights are really draining. I’m currently sitting at my gate on my layover in Bangkok, heading to Berlin for Tech Open Air. I have two stories to share regarding boarding pass customer experience that I’d like to share.

I didn’t have to ask.

I knew before I arrived for my flight I had a middle seat on my first flight and according to Austrian Airlines website, I couldn't change it. The airline system automatically put me in the middle aisle (for whatever reason).

When I checked in with the nice woman at the counter, instead of leaving my seats the way they were assigned, she kindly asked if I wanted to sit on at a window seat or an aisle seat. She noticed and was proactive in making the change on all 3 flights to Germany. That instantly created a better experience for me! I truly believe that what machine learning and AI gives businesses is the ability to be proactive with their customers and give them want they want before they even have to ask.

O or 0!?

The second story I’d like to share is a pretty common travel story, I imagine. When I departed the plan, I was greeted with a sign that had a bunch of letters for gates (I presumed). Unfortunately, my gate hasn’t been assigned at the time originally checked in, so I was left looking left and looking right with no help in sight. About 5 minutes of walking in one direction, I found a kiosk that lets me put my flight number in. I typed 0S026 and got nothing. Then I thought... Oh, those are Os, I’ll try that. OSO26... I got nothing. I gave up and kept walking. What seems like forever I finally found the digital departure board and low and behold, the number OS026.

Intentional typography is massively important with signs, directions, and anything the user has to interact with really. Try stay away from Os and 0s when generating alohanumeric promo codes for users to avoid confusion. When using a typeface for directions or signage, choose one where the 0 is quite narrow compared to the O.

I’m sure we all have days like this. Hopefully I’ll have a lot more stories to tell in Germany!