How we used behavioural design mechanics to shape our customer’s decision-making process

Imagine sitting in traffic on a Friday afternoon (for some of us still working from home, it really will have to be an exercise in imagination). As you eye the dashboard’s fuel gauge, you wonder if it’s worth…

How design and innovation can influence products, platforms, and the wider ecosystem.

Here at Z Energy, we’ve evaluated our efforts as innovation catalysts over the past year. We measure not only our activity but also our impact. This begs the question, how might we design in line with our stated purpose: “Solving for what matters for a moving world”?

Long flights are really draining. I’m currently sitting at my gate on my layover in Bangkok, heading to Berlin for Tech Open Air. I have two stories to share regarding boarding pass customer experience that I’d like to share.

I didn’t have to ask.

I knew before I arrived for my flight I had a…

Cody Iddings

Ko te Moana nui a kiwa te moana. Ko Hanalei te awa. I specialize in CX, Innovation, Product, and Design.

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