What started two years ago as an idea over beers at a restaurant has grown into so much more than we could have hoped for. Not only did we just take home the win at the Vator Splash Pitch Competition (with Mark Cuban as a judge) but we’re beyond excited to announce that we raised $2.3M in Series SEED funding! With this extra funding, we’re that much closer to achieving our mission of helping service and hospitality professionals succeed in their careers.

1st place winners at Vator Splash LA + pitching Mark Cuban (credit:

What is Industry?

Well, Industry is a professional network and hiring platform exclusively for the service and hospitality industry. Did you know that over 17+ million people in the U.S. and over 200+ million worldwide work in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and hotels as a career, yet face a 72% job turnover? That’s a problem.

Why not use LinkedIn or Craigslist?

People working in the service and hospitality industry don’t use LinkedIn (which truth be told is really designed more for corporate America), and therefore have been stuck using Craigslist and paper resumes. And let’s face it, Craigslist sucks.

That’s why we’ve developed a platform for users in the industry to not only highlight their skills and talents through photos and videos but also seek out mentors. For businesses, we have an intuitive applicant tracking system allowing them to recruit talent that fits their culture — a key element to cutting down on expensive turnover in the service industry.

With Industry you don’t have to haul around a paper resume anymore. Now you can apply to jobs simply by creating an Industry profile from the comfort of your couch. #Winning. Bonus, you’ll also be able to know where you are at in the hiring process instead of sending an email into a black hole, never knowing when you’ll hear back. Your welcome.

Who’s currently hiring on Industry?

Some of our business partners who are now hiring on the platform include MGM Resorts International, Disney, Washington Hospitality Association, Stone Brewing Co, many large restaurant groups, night clubs and more!

What’s next?

Our new round of funding has been used to recruit new talent (the team is now 15 strong, up from only 6 last year), and we are focused on scaling 9 markets across the west coast. We are driven by our mission of making service and hospitality professionals more successful in their careers.


-Team Industry