Cody Bowen
May 26, 2017 · 2 min read
Social media purge

Day 1 I have signed out of my accounts and deleted Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. My reason? I have none. Nothing special happened nor did I have an epiphany. In the middle of the day I just up and decided to do a social media purge. I contacted my friends and family letting them know I will not be active on any platform. I must say not constantly seeing the threat of the next World War is quiet refreshing. Also I don’t miss the algorithms or ads that these business put on my screen.

The number one question as I informed my friends and family of my absence from social media is “Did something happen?” And my response each time was “No, does something bad have to happen for me to do this?” And after a brief but awkward silence most said “Ok good luck.”

In my head I repeated the phrase over and over. I was a bit puzzled because in my opinion that retort is saved for sporting competition or if someone is going to face a cunning adversary. It was as if me doing this purge was going to be a battle. I smiled and moved on with the conversation but then the thought echoed in my head loudly this time. ‘Good luck!’ I couldnt help but now start to wonder what did I get myself into? Was it going to be that difficult? They must think I’m weak and can’t do it. I had to tell myself to relax you got this.

Shortly after contacting those important to me and having that good luck conversation in my head reality kicked in. I kept reaching for my phone to see what recent post was Twitter or Instagram. It was like muscle memory unlock phone, second row from the bottom left to right click Instagram. Nothing. Then I remember I deleted them all. No way I was strong enough yet to leave those suckers still signed in. Much less the icon sitting there calling me. ‘Open me.’ ‘Post that life changing quote or that beautiful art work of a picture.’ Sigh, it was as if my life was suddenly incomplete. Now my phone had no other purpose.

Now what am I going to do to pass the time?

To be continued…

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