A Proactive Approach For Job Seekers After College

By. Cody Pratt

Aside from class deadlines and frequent all night study sessions, college is a comforting time; new relationships, lasting memories and four years of your life planned without any worry. Okay, maybe a little worry, but nothing compared to the uncertain ‘real world’ scenario we all face coming out of school. While the real world might seem like a lot to take on, I have developed a simple set of tools to help guide any recent grad through the job seeking process.

Stay Organized

Simple enough, right? If you are like me, you have submitted fifty, maybe a hundred copies of your resume and cover letter to job boards and never heard back. It is in our best interest to follow up and stay on top of every company we have applied to. Using the Google Calendar, organize your applying process into simple steps; initial contact (submitting resume/cv), follow up (Phone call a few days later), second follow up (Phone call a week later). Showing that you are persistent will prove to the hiring manager that you are determined and highly organized.

May I speak with a manager?

Hundreds of applications are submitted to a company once a job listing is posted. Your information may get lost in the shuffle if it is not put into the right hands. As soon as I see a position that meets my criteria, I look up the company on LinkedIn to find specific employees who could speed up the process; a hiring manager or someone involved within human resources. If you can find contact information for them, great! If not, once you call the company you will have an exact person to speak with.

The Golden Rule: Stay Patient

Rejection hurts, we all know that. As a door to door sales guy, I have experienced more denial than most. Applying for jobs is no different. Just because one company did not hire you does not mean the next wont either. You have to play the numbers game and line up as many opportunities as possible. Eventually, the right fit will surprise you with a life changing phone call or email welcoming you to their team!

Stay Tuned!