GymPack Experience

We have been using subscriptions our entire lives, our parents and grandparents have used the sears catalog every holiday season since the late 1800’s to choose the coolest gifts, creating everlasting traditions.

While subscriptions have been up and running for a century, the newest trends recently have taken consumers by storm, providing valued service with a wide variety of offerings.

@GymPack has grasped the concept of subscription experience with a ton of service.

Every month you will open up your pack to find healthy snacks, proteins, vitamins, even fun exercise equipment and monthly workouts catered to your healthy mission.

How many people have recently started working out? Has the same routine with lack of results bothered you? Looking for a helping hand in mastering all aspects of fitness?

“If you think mixing things up just isn’t in the cards, get a new deck”

@GymPack is all about mixing up routine! Instead of buying that same eighty dollar container of protein powder, or attempting a new workout regime without instruction, let us be your monthly gym bud!

The @GymPack is essentially a box of motivation. With some of its partners located in other parts of the country, trying new snacks and other fitness goods has never been easier.

Pack up and go to work!

Check it out!

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