The Internet Holes I fall into the most

Help!!! Oh wait, hold on. After this video.

Recently I’ve come to a realization that I’ve been falling into this same routine of heading straight to my room, and turning on the air condition with my bed and my laptop waiting for me to submerge into them until I fall asleep.

As soon as I turn on that bright retina screen, my fingers are just so quick to type on the same keys they did the day before (like they always do). They’ve memorized the pattern so much that I can do the same ‘ol “Command+T” followed by the “Y” key, and a classic “enter”. What follows this two-second process is about 6 hours of falling into Internet Holes.

What are Internet Holes? Well, this is the term I like to use when describing the eternal process of clicking on one page after the other, until suddenly you’re watching a video entitled “Story Time! My Uber Driver Turns out to be a Circus Clown” when 20 videos ago, it was an innocent searching “Kare-Kare Recipe Tutorial”.

Today, I’m going to talk about my TOP 3 Internet Holes of all time. (Surprisingly, I don’t fall into social media holes very often. It gets pretty tiring, in my honest opinion). Let’s begin, shall we?

In third place,


Where to go? What to do? Where to eat? Spot knows!

If I’m not watching cooking tutorials, I’m reading restaurant and destination blogs/articles. And with the amount of new food, restaurants, and places in the country, you can’t expect me to NOT fall into a Spot.Ph hole. labels themselves as “Your One-Stop Urban Lifestyle Guide to the Best of Manila” and I completely agree! The website isn’t just for balik bayans or tourists, but also us locals who need an idea or two on the latest grubs and sights that the city has to offer. I find myself sharing all these new features from them especially from their “Top 10” list, which I think is my favorite part of the site. Call me basic but I’m a sucker for lists, so every article in that tab is clickbait for someone like me.

The Spot.Ph interface is approachable and simple to navigate. Tabs for food, News, Arts+Culture, Entertainment, Things to Do, Shopping+Services are all within a click of a mouse. Under each tabs are more filters under that categories.

I know you want to click on that Mac and Cheese Article so here it is: You’re welcome.

I don’t use this website on a daily basis, however, when I need to hunt for the perfect new place to take my family or my friends, this is my go-to. I’ve got countless of bookmarked pages from them, it’s crazy!

I think it’s fantastic that the website welcomes you with this simple question:

Me? What would I like to do today? Enlighten me!

With this simple question and a plethora of search results, it is impossible not to fall into a SPOT.PH hole. The content you can find here is perfect for the bored and the wanderer.

I guess the reason why this belongs in my Top 3 internet holes is simple. I see an article on how the City of Dreams is the Ultimate Karaoke Place and I wonder, ‘hmm where can we eat after all that singing?’ Oh why not search for the nearest sisig place according to this article on The Top 10 Sisig in Manila! And if you’re ever worried that after eating sisig it suddenly rains, don’t worry because there’s also an article for the 10 Trendy Jackets for the Rainy Season.

That hits the SPOT!

Duration of Fall: About 2 hours every week

In second place, (as much as I wish that I haven’t) I’m afraid that I’ve fallen into the hole that is:


Oh man. This is me and the rest of the world jumping into a Buzzfeed hole.

GIF taken from

I really can’t seem to remember when and how it all began. But one thing’s for sure: I blame the quizzes.

Buzzfeed basically, is a source for news and entertainment. But they do it in a way that connects and reaches out to humanity. Their content is as human as possible. As a company, they celebrate humanity, diversity, equality and liberation. Buzzfeed takes political sides. They’ve shown that they can be serious and socially aware, all while releasing articles, lists, snapchats and videos of cute baby animals, delicious recipes and everything under the sun (fashion, conspiracy theories, health, media — all of it!)

Having a cross-platform network, Buzzfeed is able to present themselves in different social media platforms as well, which makes them so easily available to everyone. This is why they get passed around so easily.

I guess the reason why I am not ultimately the proudest of having this website in my Top 3 Internet Holes is because in a way, because Buzzfeed has become so viral, it takes away the originality and the personal connection that I wish I had with it. But, it is true that I spend an awful lot of time taking quizzes and watching the “Worth It” series.

The website has become notorious for copying ideas, being too biased, or being an unreliable source. Which is why I recommend not to get news from here. Instead, focus on their features on random information you never thought you needed, like Conspiracy Theories and Unsolved Crimes. They’re very good at that. They pretty much birthed all these new concepts being done by multimedia news and entertainment platforms that you see going around today.

Kuddos to Buzzfeed, though, for being continuously thirsty for innovation, and for proudly making content in line with their advocacies.

Duration of Fall: About 30–45 minutes daily

Coming in first, place…


I am a certified YouTube addict. This is very basic, but please hear me out!

I know what you’re thinking. How could someone possibly be obsessed with YouTube when you can watch all viral/funny videos on Facebook now? Well, here’s the thing, I don’t know how you like to enjoy your YouTube experience, but I think the entire game changes when you created an account and have subscribed to all your favorite “Youtubers” or channels. Now THIS is the ultimate website for entertainment, news, and research.

I think that the YouTuber community that is formed by an interactive “creator-to-subscriber relationship” sets the website apart. I find that because I am able to subscribe to my favorite channels — channels that resonate with my interests and my curiosities, there is a deeper relationship that I have between this website. It’s basically like having a TV that broadcasts only your favorite channels and series.

According to DMR, there are over 400 hours worth of content uploaded on the site every minute, so it is impossible not to fall into a hole. Personally, I spend at least 5 unhealthy hours on this website in a day. This is not an exaggeration. (I wish it was) However, despite billions and trillions of available material, the videos displayed in a user’s home page is no accident.

What my Homepage looks like. The left-most banner displays all my subscriptions. The videos on the Home page show what is Recommended for me based on my interests, Recently Uploaded, Continue Watching. Scrolling down, are recommended channels. I go through these effortlessly.

YouTube does a fantastic job with Recommended videos. I know because as a make-up, music and food enthusiast, I’d happily click on each one of those. Doing the math, deciding to watch every video in my recommended would take an hour and 6 minutes. This time does not count watching the videos suggested to me for every video I click on. Don’t even get me started on the Subscriptions tag. There I can find all my favorite channels who have uploaded on that day. (Yes, Youtubers upload on a schedule)

I can create an entire blog post about this website because of my full dedication to it. Though I know most of you are already familiar with the site, there is really something special about creating an account of your own. There are channels tailor made for every person and interest out there, trust me! You’ll be surprised to find yourself falling into this hole as well.

Yup. That is a Black Hole. Youtube is a Black Hole. GIF taken from:

Duration of Fall: At least 4 hours DAILY.

So that makes up my Top 3 Internet Holes. Do you have any favorites?