Internet Marketing SUCKS

We’ve all been there. We all started somewhere or gotten into the the wrong Niche, or the wrong Affiliate. And it SUCKS. We’ve all been there. Just like we’ve all wanted to quit or give up. But you keep grinding! Keep Hustling!

I’ve been apart of 100’s of “Groups” ” Communities” ” The have money drop in your lap scheme”

I’ve spend $1,000’s of dollars on my online business. When i finally found the right TEAM and TRAINING I knew what I’ve been missing all along. …(AUTOMATION)

Quick story ,

I started my online business and also my local business from seeing an ad. Just like most of us did. I’ve been in the car business my whole life, I grew up in it. Si, I knew about marketing how to market already. And Everyone knows most %90 of salesman, are the quickest “Lay downs” that meaning if something looks good we don’t care, we BUY. We spend all day going back and forth with prospects just hoping to turn them into a customer. Anyways I saw an ad I liked the way it looked I signed up on the “training” $99 BTW. And I saw what they were selling after a few days of research on all the feeding they done like the webinars, and the follow ups. I saw what they we’re selling. Which in the ad they was selling lifestyle. But the product they didn’t even care about. Yet, I saw the value in the product. So did I buy the product? No? I did my research and figured out who I should reach to buy this product from to guide me on how to sell the product in the right way.

Anyways, back to Automation. I went through weeks of research on trying to find the right guidance because remember what they were selling was lifestyle from the ad. The product I bought and I got the training on how to get this product out there locally. Why locally when I could focus online and automate it? well It’s a high ticket item, yet it is what every one of us need and i wanted to focus on doing it locally to help the problem we have here where I live in Alabama. Which is prescription pill addiction, obesity, health, Alabama is ranked highest in these problems and nobody tries to change this issue.

Back on why Internet Marketing sucks, It sucks if it’s not automated. I finally found the right Affiliate that gives you the training That is a drag and drop system to set up funnels in as quick as 5 minutes, that has different tiers and pays you like you should.

Internet Marketing is getting crushed by all these ads and people flashing money and objects around.(which to me is like slapping someone in the face screaming HA!)I don’t believe in all that. I believe in a system that has history that’s not just some guys idea that he thought of and put it on a squeeze page to make him some money.

It’s just like by previous profession.

“Car Salesman”

So many bad car salesman out there have butchered even just the title of a car salesman. I would be in the city eating and having time off for me and people would ask what did I do for work and I used to swallow my answer. I didn’t want to say I’m a Car Salesman because everybody thinks so bad about the 2 words. But I vauled my profession, I worked for a marketing company that traveled the country and we dont training for deals and done big sales. (No not some tent events in Wal-Mart) But we focused on showing salesman on how to treat customers to get that bad taste out of their mouth.

Same with all these ads for Internet Marketing, Or Multi Level Marketing. Everybody is flashing money just to get people to sign up and make a little money instead of value and give training. It SUCKS!!

Leave me a comment and tell me how you feel about it and all the lies you’ve been told or heard through ads or any kind of marketing. On or off the internet.

Thanks- CodyG