Dear Democrats

A Response to JusTee *

Dear Democrats,
What more can I say?
You continue to murder your party
More and more each day.
No concept of character
Even when truth comes to light.
Lies on every television…
Refusing to do what is right.
Secret speeches for greenbacks
It’s Wall Street or Bust…
Declare, “We are Democrats!”
Without a single ounce of trust.
I don’t know your goal
And neither do you.
The FBI allowed you to erase this
Yet will the common man, too?
Slogans so hollow 
Skin so verily thin
Maybe this is why…
You choose the politician.
But you can’t support her
And she doesn’t support you…
Given Hillary’s shortcomings
She cheated you in the voting queue.
Do I think they should be president?
Hell to the o’ hell naw!
There are other choices…
The two parties have placed the last straw.
Healing the wounded. 
Four years and we will rejoice.
Refuse to settle for second best
Lest we reward her for corrupting a party’s voice.

Thank you to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and others for making this writing possible!

* My piece is a simulacrum to a poem titled “Dear Republicans,” written by JusTee. Please check hers out and give it a green heart. I am simply giving a voice to those who are disgusted with both candidates, and my response should not be seen as a direct challenge to hers — as I agree with her on the state of Republicans.