Estoy Loca?
Gail Boenning

Hola, Gail. Tal vez puedo ayudarte. (Perhaps I can help you)

First off, you are kick ass for trying. I would suggest any video ever by The Spanish Dude on YouTube. I may not be a perfect helper (not a native tongue), but I am getting a second degree in Spanish. I also teach Hispanic speaking individuals ESL at my church.

  • “No tengo un idea bueno para palabras en ingles.”

↳ I don’t know exactly what you were trying to say. Maybe… Hoy no tengo ninguna buena idea para escribir en inglés. (I don’t have any good idea[s] to write in English today) Also, note that “idea” is feminine so “una” and “buena” for gender agreement.

  • “Es un ‘puzzle’ para la cabeza.

(Por/para is the worst for us native English speakers! And ‘puzzle’ can be the same in Spanish)

  • “Es divertido por mi teléfono y ‘spell check’.

↳ Perhaps… Me divierte mirar el corrector ortográfico en mi móvil. (It amuses me to watch the spell check on my cell phone.)

  • “Quiero mostrar a nizoca que yo trato. Soy muy malo con esta lengua. Si? See?”

↳ (The infinitive forms of verbs — verbs that typically follow other verbs, especially querer, and what we say as “to watch, to show, to play, etc.” — should never be stem changed.) This is why “muestar” is wrong.

  • “Es importante que trate algo nuevo.”

↳ The phrase, “Es importante que…” initiates what is called the subjunctive tense, and it has a different set of verb conjugations. It will not be “trato” for that reason. I can’t explain the subjunctive for times sake. Again, check out The Spanish Dude. I can’t praise him enough.

  • Cuántos [personas] en los lectores hablan espanol? Rémi Ravel se habla?”

↳ Me! Partly, anyways.

  • “Lo hice sin dicconario.”

↳ (“I did it…”) Pues, ¡lo hiciste sorprendentemente bien! (Well, you did surprisingly well!)

I need to start translating my works. You have attempted more Spanish than I have here on Medium as of now, so kudos to you.

Might I add that the learning curve is around 20 hours of intense and focused study or application, which means after that time you will start to see near exponential improvements. Attempting an hour a day might not be bad, especially since you seem to know the basics.

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