I cannot tell you how excited I was to read your thorough and kind response!
Gail Boenning

Not terribly too long. I am currently studying Spanish, so it is a lot fresher for me.

I’m not an “official” teacher. I simply teach ESL and help with citizenship at my church, which is obviously more English focused. I like to converse with the people in Spanish whenever possible though. And thank you!

I, too, took four years in high school, but I elected to start from the beginning to solidify the knowledge. College funding was not a problem, as I used the GI Bill.

I just thought it was really cool coming across someone trying because I have been giving much thought to writing in Spanish.

Best Tips (cost effective and most efficient):

  1. Watch The Spanish Dude. He was an English speaker first. I live by him, and it’s free. The videos have a natural progression and build on watch other.
  2. Watch shows. Narcos on Netflix is a good example. It’s 50/50 English/Spanish. Plus, Netflix has “subtítulos.”
  3. Converse and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Writing dialogues is a less efficient alternative if no one is available.
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