How relationships worked then, and now.

I’ve noticed something about this generations dating habits, and it’s GARBAGE! They treat it like a new outfit! When they first see it they have to have it immediately. The first time they wear it, they feel confident and happy, but after a few wears it gets old and then they stop wearing it as much. They eventually get rid of the outfit and look to purchase a new outfit and start all over.

It’s dreadful to see someone go through this process over and over again, and social media seems to be the place where they flaunt their new “outfit” of the week for the world to see.

The old days.

Dating used to be a term used when two individuals would go on dates together to get to know one another better. Then if things went well, they would agree to become boyfriend and girlfriend.

This is a commitment in being faithful to one another and a time where walls start to come down(becoming more vulnerable with one another). Then after some time, typically the male would propose for marriage, insinuating that he is ready to spend the rest of his life with her. They agree to opening up every aspect of their lives to each other, becoming one. This process is very successful in producing a passionate, forever lasting relationship.


We see someone we are interested in and ask them if they want to date. Then we immediately imitate a marriage with the other person. Completely skipping the dating phase to see if we are compatible. Instead, we act like we are going to spend the rest of their lives with each other when we barely know one another….. This is what I like to call an immature relationship.

  • It always fails.
  • It’s not stable
  • It’s unreliable
  • It’s foolish
  • It’s childish

People should not feel like they are going to die if they don’t have a boyfriend /girlfriend. Understand that being single is a time where you learn the most about yourself. It’s okay to be selfish and spend time on yourself. That’s the best investment you will ever make. Learn who you are and improve yourself. So many people rush into a relationship without any type of plan. You should at least be able to take care of yourself before you try to take care of others.

And if you are in middle school or high school, I highly recommend not getting into a relationship, because it soooo pointless. And college is another subject for another time.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you all enjoyed this, for it was my first post. Don’t be scared to leave comments. Criticism is always welcome.

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