Our Soundtrack.

I’m not sure if my generation or the ones immediately surrounding it actually realize the historical impact this particular chapter in music will have on the very fiber of The Future Us.

For several years now the listener, the purveyor, the critic, and of course the artist have been re-shaping the fabric that makes up our collective musical landscape. While some still prefer the physical medium, it’s hard to argue with the high quality digital download and even more shockingly the solid streaming solutions that seem to work for even the most sensitive of listeners. The price is minimal and the access is pretty impressive. With our existence in this currently rabid era of digital scramble we have every right to be more satisfied with the never ending ability to jump from chart topper to eclectic never seen the light of day local garage band at any given moment. It can also be overwhelming and carry the tendency to want to just tune in to the tried and true tunes we’ve come so comforted by.

I was recently having a great conversation with an old friend, and in the midst of many layers we found ourselves on music as we almost always do. Life has been racing around both of us for several years now with great highs and unspeakable lows. During our chat we transparently broke through the surface of “what have you been listening too…”, which lead to wandering through our own conclusions on the current state of where music sits in general as well as in our own lives and the purpose of feeling more connected to the message being told and of course the messengers. Not that this is anything new, but my more seasoned ears are doing a better job at tracking with the it all these days. We spoke a bit about what I would call “growth” in our own maturity in regards to what we listen too and what carries more impact. Whether it be the stance of a certain message, the emotion and passion of an artists current place in life, or even the rawness of language and how sometimes there’s no other word than a 4 letter one to summarize a moment or statement.

The current muse is less afraid of the consequences of a lyric with a more translucent verse than what culture could handle even a handful of years ago. In fact their willingness to masterfully speak out with careful craft is more celebrated than ever among a wider general audience, this for me carries much hope. As long as music has been celebrated it’s always impacted it’s audience in one way or another as it should. Which of course is the obvious reason for such an eclectic landscape, a broader playlist has never existed more than it does right now. From my perspective a more deeply connected story is being told across genres and melodies and are actually found more harmonious than ever before if you listen well enough.

The desperate hunt for hope and substance is more present than it ever has been… and the artist is found at the core of it all, helping the hunter find purpose. The soundtrack of our life is the very thing we need to give great attention to. It’s all as though there is a grander table of sorts is being set for a feast that would satisfy even the most particular of palettes. Folks will often say for one reason or another that music died long ago, when in fact it couldn’t be more alive than it is right now.

Listen to something you wouldn’t normally listen too, challenge yourself, give it time, study it, let it have space to breathe and fit into your playlist. I(like most of you) have plenty of “go to” classic records from nearly every decade of music in existence and listen to them often. But I’ve found with any form of art, expanding my exposure to what’s currently being offered is critical.

Just the same as your favorite movie or show is typically wrapped in some well planned out soundtrack to carry us through a story, each of us is wrapped in a blanket of sound through each stage of life whether we are aware of it or not. Participate in the soundtrack, challenge the art to grow and satisfy your eclectic taste.

New memories and moments are being created at every turn, look forward to pairing those with just the right melody.

The current(eclectic) playlist: http://spoti.fi/2b8Xver

p.s. - share your playlist(no judgement allowed). ;)

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